Media Intrusion? Comments Encouraged.

I post this only because this used to be my business, and I wonder what you think, what you would do? It is a TV staple. In any crisis, camp out on the family’s doorstep. Except in this case … the wife of Capt. Richard Phillips –  the man being held by Somali pirates – is telling the media … “Get Lost!”.

To Fox’s credit, Rick Leventhal says they will comply. But I wonder … should they? My civilian side says, of course. But the media is a different animal. You make the call.


I understand that the media wants the story and in this case, as Neil Cavuto points out, the Somali pirate story has international implications. But I am not sure that includes the wife of the ship’s captain. There is nothing she can tell you, except maybe get her husband in trouble. It’s a quandary.

Comments are welcome … from you civilians.