Also on the union front…Rhode Island

We have heard the news from Wisconsin and Ohio in recent months about the attempts of those states to rein in the enormous obligations of their state’s pension fund liabilities and their health care liabilities.  Of course, both of those states are controlled by the evil Republicans, who presumably want dirty air, dirty water, and dirty whatever else evil one can imagine.  But, what about a Blue State? Read more

“The hits keep coming” Rhode Island union thug threatens sexual assault

Outright rage. More examples of the new tone. Did we see any of this type of outbursts at TEA Party events? Now, we certainly do not know what started this, but if there is video it will be displayed. What did Adam Cole from We the People of Rhode Island say or do to get this violent reaction?

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Rhode Island governor digs deeper – advertisers should “shut down” talk radio (Update)

Gov. Lincoln Chaffe’s (I-R.I.) decision to order state executives to stay off talk radio during state time had nothing to do with the wasteful use of state resources. It had everything to do with politics, nothing else. Chafee now states advertisers must shut down talk radio.

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Rhode Island governor bans state employees from talk radio

Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee (I.) will soon send out a directive to state employees. They will not be able to call into or spend any time on talk radio during state time. Chafee claims state resources should not be used to support “ratings driven, for-profit programming.” NPR of course, will be exempt.

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Providence Mayoral Candidate hoping to sing his way into office

His sincerity isn’t just refreshing, it’s stunning. Hey man, you are running for office, what are you trying to do anyway, change the face of politics. Move over Basil Marceaux … there’s a new kid on the block. Read more