Rand Paul Speaks … making sense

It seems everyone has a response now to the SOTU but I am choosing to highlight Senator Rand Paul’s response because he does not hold back, he makes sense, and he, unlike so many others, understands the gravity of the problem. “The fact is the cat’s out of the bag …” Read more

The Evolution of Richard Blumenthal

Apparently, Richard Blumenthal’s Icarus-like plunge was a long time coming…

“Former Representative Christopher Shays of Connecticut, a Republican who says he is a good friend of Richard Blumenthal’s, said in an interview Tuesday that he had watched with worry as Mr. Blumenthal gradually embellished his military record over the years.

As prominent Democrats in the state rallied to Mr. Blumenthal’s side on Tuesday, saying they had never seen him describe himself as a Vietnam veteran or chalking such misstatements up to a momentary lapse, Mr. Shays’s comments appeared to bolster the idea that Mr. Blumenthal’s descriptions of his military record had been somewhat embroidered, bit by bit, with the passage of time.”

Given an inch, Richard Blumenthal took another… and then another… and yet more.

You might call it “mission creep,” with the ‘mission’ being the getting Richard Blumenthal elected and re-elected over the years.

“Mr. Shays said he grew uncomfortable only last month, when he and Mr. Blumenthal attended a memorial for survivors of a building collapse in Bridgeport in 1987, and Mr. Blumenthal again brought up the Vietnam War. “He didn’t say he was there; he said, ‘when we came home’ and talked about soldiers being spat upon,” Mr. Shays said. “The inference was that he was in Vietnam.”

Mr. Shays said that he thought someone might eventually check Mr. Blumenthal’s record and find that he was in Vietnam, but in a desk job.

“If he’d stuck with what he said 30 or 20 years ago, he wouldn’t be in the trouble he’s in now,” Mr. Shays said. “He was a Marine. Nobody can take that away from him, but he never tried to play it up other than to say that he was a Marine.””

The problem is not that Mr. Blumenthal served in the reserves.  It is that he lied about serving in Vietnam, presumably for political advantage.

UPDATE (Jim) : Here’s Bloomenthal answering the Shays allegations.


I speak repeatedly about my service during the Vietnam era to highlight that we dishonored and disrespected our military men women and veterans during that period… we have learned an important lesson during those years and it’s a lesson that I highlight again and again and again and mention my own service as a means of doing it that we owe our men and women of the military unconditional support.

Of course, he never answered the question and never responded to Shays. Instead he chose behind a message that is a little more than ironic. He lied about his service to lecture us on honoring people who serve. Too much.

United Against The Porkapalooza … for what its worth.

Well House Republicans stood strong against the Porkapalooza that will saddle my children with an unbearable burden they don’t deserve. $800 billion to a trillion dollars (with interest) and that’s just this year and doesn’t count TARP or SON OF TARP. $3 trillion I heard. I’ve lost track. I will find some links to help out on this. But for now … her are your House leaders who tried mightily to create jobs at a lower cost and … Democrat or Republican … were actually looking out for your children and their children. Lord help us when they get the bill.


Update: OK … Instapundit has some nice links.But here’s a portion of the AP story.

Told that no Republican backed the measure, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs reacted by citing another number: “3.5 million jobs that we look forward to saving or creating.”

That’s my favorite … save or retain. It’s the oldest economiuc development scam in the books. The article continues with the sad part.

Republicans said the package won’t work because it has too little in tax cuts and spreads too much money around to everyday projects like computer upgrades for federal agencies.

“This legislation falls woefully short,” said House GOP Leader John Boehner of Ohio. “With a price tag of more than $1 trillion when you factor in interest, it costs every family almost $10,000 in added debt. This is an act of generational theft that our children and grandchildren will be paying for far into the future.”

Hey you young Democrats for Obama … you pay for this too. Well, umm, actually you guys don’t pay … I forgot.