Sheila Jackson Lee: Repealing Health Care is really unconstitutional UPDATE: Repeal will kill Americans?

Via HotAir … and just too good not to repost. AP, has a hard time trying to follow the Texas Democrat’s logic, as he should, but I’ll give him an “A” for trying. Congresswoman Lee on the House floor yesterday trying to make the case that repealing Obamacare violates the 5th, and 14th amendments. Judo! Read more

Obamacare and the new Congress UPDATE: Link to repeal bill

On Wednesday, the new members of Congress will be sworn in. In the House of Representatives, Republicans will now hold the majority, and Obamacare is at the top of their list of things to do … as in … repeal Obamacare. And so it begins. (Link to repeal bill under the fold) Read more