Could rendition program be considered torture?

By scheduling the shut down of Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay and CIA secret facilities in other countries, President Obama – almost by default – has chosen to expand the rendition program that involves turning captured terrorists over to their home countries for interrogation.

Morrissey at Hot Air has more.

Renditions created a huge global controversy primarily because the home countries of the terrorists torture for information.  Most of these terror suspects grabbed by the CIA come from countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and other emirates where the Geneva Convention only provides a veneer of respectability and not legal constraints of any kind.  Critics complained that the CIA essentially “outsourced” its torture to subcontractors in this rendition process, ensuring that these methods would get used without getting their own hands dirty and getting the information torture produced.

Ed provides linkage to a story in the LA Times.

… the Obama administration appears to have determined that the rendition program was one component of the Bush administration’s war on terrorism that it could not afford to discard.

Well what else would you do with captured terrorists? We can’t take them to the United States, Gitmo or to CIA facilities offshore. Send them home!

The problem is terrorists are frequently really tortured when they get home. They tend end up dead. [see comments] The liberal left has been complaining about the rendition program during the Bush years. Back to Hot Air…

For the last seven years, the Left has screeched hysterically over the CIA practice of rendition, in which agents turn detainees over to authorities in their home country for interrogation.  Never mind that the practice started in the Clinton administration, and never mind that the other options were Guantanamo Bay, release, or two caps in the back of the head; they pilloried Bush over renditions as if he’d thought them up himself.  Hollywood even made a movie about how awful the process is, apparently matched in awfulness only by the film’s box office.

Exit question: Before terrorists could be assured that they would live – possibly to fight another day – when captured and held by the United States. Will the left step up and demand that Obama’s rendition program be stopped?

Exit question 2 (the thoughtful one): Will terrorists be more cooperative with the United States when captured to ensure that they will not be sent home? Will we get actionable intelligence quicker?