Hurricanes always bring the same news story – Complaints of price gouging

Would you rather have NO gasoline at yesterday’s price of $3.89 or a few gallons of gas available today so you can get out of the path of the storm for $6.89 a gallon today? It’s really a simple choice, but we’re already seeing stories about price gouging in south Florida and the Gulf states. Please share this post!

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Obama abortion and contraception health care coverage rule change is a total scam

This so called compromise does not change a single thing. It’s a late Friday afternoon gimmick, it’s fraud, they are trying to hoodwink and bamboozle you.

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Finally, a good TRAIN coming from Washington

This train is not high speed, and you don’t have to subsidize it forever. It is a bill that has passed the House Energy Committee and is now pending before the full House. Read more

Obama’s “regulation” czar

In January, President Obama announced that, perhaps, the federal government had too many regulations that, perhaps, could be stifling business, and, in the process, costing lots of money.  So, he appointed a “regulation” czar to cull through the gabillions of federal regulations, and make recommendations about what regulations were unnecessary, and should be rescinded. Read more