Now that the bill has passed, let’s see what’s in it!

According to Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D. Calif.), with the passage of Obamacare yesterday, now is the time to find out what it includes.  Most of you won’t like it any better now, than you did before passage, but, let’s begin.

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Lindsey Graham: Who’s the dumbest Democrat

So many choices, so little time. Lindsey Graham last night with Gretta is asked can the Democrats get the Health Bill through by reconciliation. Graham doesn’t answer that question other than to say … if they do, it’ll be doomsday for Democrats.


And question 2 … who’s the biggest chump?


Reconciliation…are we being bamboozled?

As I understand President Obama’s plan, what will now happen is as follows.

The Senate version of Obamacare has already been passed.  But, the House of Representatives does not like many provisions in the Senate bill.  So, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is now scurrying around trying to draft, and obtain support for, what I will call a “fix it bill”. 

Her plan is as follows.  First, the House passes the Senate bill, and then it passes the “fix it bill”.  The “fix it bill” will need to go to the Senate where reconciliation is needed to obtain the votes to pass it.

Meanwhile, we have lost sight of the fact that both the Senate and the House have passed an identical bill,  and, thus, that bill  goes to the President for signature.  No need for reconciliation on the “fix it bill”, we have Obamacare.

I’m not a House or Senate parliamentarian, but, I am a cynic.