Ralph Peters: General failure

I’m pretty certain Jim featured LtCol Ralph Peters (ret.) on the big radio show yesterday, and since the LT has an opinion piece out in the New York Post last night, I figured we could follow up the interview with a link to his piece.

From the NY Post.

This is personal. My two decades in the US Army were the centerpiece of my life. Ibelieve in the ethics professed by the officer corps. Yet, I recognize that we mortals are imperfect (I certainly am) and the human heart is the ultimate IED. So while I’m disappointed that Gen. David Petraeus fell for Miss Fatal Attraction 2012, what makes me really angry is his hypocrisy. …

The scathing post continues, read the entire thing…

The general held himself up as a paragon of self-discipline and model family man. In Iraq and then Afghanistan, he rigorously enforced “General Order No. 1,” which prohibits our troops from fraternization, all sex, alcohol consumption, the possession of pornography and, generally, from any activity that might make the boredom and terror of this kind of war more bearable. When our troops screwed up, they got hammered.

Generals can take a weekend in Paris and get drunk (as Gen. Stanley McChrystal did), but the grunt who goofs in a firefight faces a court-martial.

Ralph Peters – Endless War

Jim asked me to re-post the link to Ralph Peters’ new book, so here it is.

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Col Ralph Peters: Follow the money- Update: General Casey concerned for Muslim diversity

Once again Colonel Peters is out ahead of everyone on this story and shows we why we have him as a frequent guest. You heard him here first, call Major Hasan’s shooting an act of terrorism. Now he says, not only does he believe political correctness led to the massacre at Fort Hood … but the investigation should be looking into Hasan’s finances. Asks Peters, why was he living in such poverty when he was living on an officer’s salary and benefits? Good question but will we get an answer?


Update: Here’s the bite that bit Colonel Peters the most. From CNN on Sunday. General George Casey doesn’t want anyone to jump to conclusions … nope. He’s concerned that the Army may sacrifice, more men? Nope, he’s concerned that the Army may sacrifice diversity. The relevant portion begins at 2:00.


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