Montreal school blames racist death threats on Twitter

So, we have a racist sneak into documentary screened by a conservative group at McGill University in Montreal. The racist is not exactly a fan of the film, and starts live-Tweeting his thoughts during the presentation. The Tweets include specific threats to the audience.

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Racist component to Brown win in Massachusetts

Why, tell me WHY do liberals and the bozos like Keith Olbermann feel the need to bring up racial tension when race has nothing to do with the subject? In this example, media-types infer there was a racist component to last night’s results.

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Geraldo joins the “Could this be racism” crowd

Ann Coulter says it all … “When was I suddenly transported to MSNBC?”

When your argument is weak … don’t debate the issue or the veracity of the statements (re: Congressman Joe Wilson) … play the race card and distract.

The best comes at the beginning … followed by Democrat Julian Epstein who calls the Tea Party Patriots a fringe movement … followed at the 4 minute mark by Ann calling out Epstein in Joe Wilson fashion. You lie!


If only it were true … “I’m going to ask you about Joe Wilson just one more time.” Optimist!

Update: Here’s a link to what Ann was talking about. MSNBC.