“Outstanding” teacher laid off thanks to union seniority rules

Someone recently mentioned public sector union rules and collective bargaining agreements are designed to protect the individual. It’s all about me, me, me and has little if anything to do with the needs of the customer. In education, the customers are students, and they don’t matter too much.

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Cuomo Panel to New York State workers: gravy train over

It’s really a small recommendation when you think about it, but one, that no doubt will cause gnashing of teeth across the Empire state. A panel set up the new New York Governor has recommended a new tier for pension eligibility that will apply to new state employees and while it will have little affect on the workers there now, I am sure it will be labeled draconian. Read more

The opposition we need: Doctor Zero speaks on thuggery and the silence of the left

In a stunning piece of video, the head of the AFL/CIO just could not bring himself to condemn the violence and thuggery by union members, not just in Wisconsin, but the threats by PUEs in Boston and Providence. Writes John Hayward (formerly Hot Air’s Dr’ Zero) “We have no use for a Democrat Party which indulges hatred and violence from one of its most powerful constituencies.” Click to read  Read more

CBS poll showing strong support for public unions unmasked

And unmasked by their own numbers. I’ve included the CBS report from last night’s newscast as well. Make special note of CBS making special note that those evil corporations helped fund the opposition. But Ed Morrissey does a great job of unmasking the actual bias behind the poll. Have at it my little mobstas. Read more

Shared Sacrifice (cont.)

We have heard repeatedly from Washington and Hartford that it will take shared sacrifice to solve the fiscal problems facing our states and the nation. But somehow when it comes to the public sector shared sacrifice means taxing the private sector and at most “freezing” spending and reducing already generous benefits in the public sector. Well let’s take a look at some of the sacrifices already made in the private sector. Read more