Obamacare to become more expensive

Luckily, Obamacare has now been passed so we can see what is in it. But, the picture just keeps getting worse. Read more

Yet another reason to leave California while you can

On the heels of learning that three California cities either have, or are considering filing for bankruptcy, yesterday’s USA Today had an interesting blurb on Calpers, California’s pension trust fund.  I will quote it in its entirety. Read more

Come to Illinois…

…we’re not even remotely revolutionary. Read more

Also on the union front…Rhode Island

We have heard the news from Wisconsin and Ohio in recent months about the attempts of those states to rein in the enormous obligations of their state’s pension fund liabilities and their health care liabilities.  Of course, both of those states are controlled by the evil Republicans, who presumably want dirty air, dirty water, and dirty whatever else evil one can imagine.  But, what about a Blue State? Read more