Waiting For Bad News

I found the White House Press briefing just a little disturbing today. Reporters continued to note throughout the presser that public opinion is turning against the Porkapalooza … as we have noted here. But when it came to the question of changing the bill substantially (perhaps cutting tax rates for people and business or at the very least cutting the size of the stimulus package) Gibbs sounded like a man holding his ground on the Porkapalooza. Why? I think the following bite may explain it all. More than once he told reporters … just wait. The American people will be whistling a different tune on Friday. The key phrase is toward the end.


Here’s what I think they are betting on, a worsening of the economy, which seems to be a pretty safe bet. Congress in the meantime will make token attempts to pare down the bill and some kind of Porkapalooza will pass.

And on a different note. In order to get their policies passed, whether it be the war or the economy, why do Democrats always root for failure?