Dump Dodd … and Geithner Too – UPDATE-Video added

UPDATE: Makes sure you watch the video below. Quite an active group on such a cold day. Congrats to all who showed. Thanks to for the raw video. And thanks to RVO reader Don H for the tip. If you want to see all 9 minutes head on over.


Here are some great pics of the rally in front of the Dodd fundraiser Friday afternoon … courtesy of Bob MacGuffie from Right Principles. That’s Tim Geitner in the trash can with “Odd Dodd”. Bob reports about 50 people showed up in absolutely freezing weather. Good job. Read more

TEA Party protester attacked by pro-amnesty mob in Florida – Update

You should be seeing this on the news pretty soon. If not, it may not fit the liberal media’s narrative. What you see in this video is a TEA Party protester holding a video camera on a mono-pod moving in to mingle with the ANSWER amnesty crowd . Within seconds, a bald guy in a black tank-top moves in – while the guy is leaving – and starts taking swings to the head.

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Single-payer health-care advocates are arrested in Newark – Media runs cover

Trust me. Had this happened at a Tea Party protest you never would have heard the end of it. But remember, this is the liberal media and they philosophically aligned with the protesters.

Here’s how the New jersey Ledger Star covered the incident:

Seven people were arrested today after they blocked entrances to the headquarters of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield. They were protesting, among other things, the compensation paid to the president of the health insurance company and the failure of Congress to pass health insurance reform.

Hmm. Sound like a mob, sounds like astroturfing. Sounds like these folks were breaking the law. Sounds like Obama’s “in your face” strategy. But here’s the very next paragraph in the Ledger Star story.

This incident was not nearly so ugly as that sounds. No one was hurt, the demonstrators were nonviolent and made their point, and the police were as gentle as police can get. One of the arresting officers used pink handcuffs to arrest female demonstrators in honor of October as breast cancer month.

Even Roberto Gomes, the waiter across the street at the Spain restaurant on Raymond Boulevard was mollified. He was at first annoyed because the demonstrators kept the usual lunchtime customers away and he lost a lot of tips — but then most of those arrested showed up for lunch at his place within an hour of their arrests.

Got that? Pink handcuffs, no one was hurt (unlike this demonstration) … they’re just a bunch of lovable civil disobedient citizens. Nothing like that unruly mob of 2 million hate mongering, swastika wearing people in Washington, where there were no arrests and everyone picked up their trash.

But … here’s the money line. The whole thing was a set up by … drum roll please … Health Care Now.

That’s when police were called, and eight officers led by Sgt. Cesar Soares who suggested that, if they just moved away from the doors, the protesters could avoid arrest.

Soares missed the point — but, of course, he may have just been saying what he had to say. The organization sponsoring the protest, Central Jersey Health Care Now, already had the names of the seven who would be arrested before the protests began. The arrests were the point, and nothing Soares could have said would have deterred them.

Just to be clear here: It’s wasn’t so bad, pink handcuffs, no one hurt, forgiving small businessman and the whole thing was pre-planned. Just remember folks … you are the unruly mob, they’re just cuddly warm civil protesters.

Connecticut Tea Party – Update

UPDATE: I am an idiot. The credit for this protest, if it were not made plain, lies with the RVO chat room and most especially, I think, Rick from West Hartford. I say I think because I really am not the force behind this today. Rick is and his com-padres who put this together. Without notice, and much organizing help they pulled quite a crowd and that should be a good indicator of how angry people are. Stay fired up folks. 2010 is a year and a half away. Congrats Rick.

Note: This event occurred on Feb. 27.

Plus if you are looking for what others did today go here and go here. Plus read this from Instapundit.

Here are some of the pictures of today’s tax protest. (Taken with my swell iPhone which I did not buy with stimulus money, or tax redistribution money)

The “push back” against confiscation for pet liberal projects (honey bees, community organizers, grape genetics, bullying and tattoo removal) began today in Hartford, and it was a grassroots effort. The stimulus package stimulates nothing but federal and state governments, while the people who produce the tax revenue were ignored.

Without much publicity up to 250 people came and joined the Connecticut Tea Party rally in front of the state capital. This is just the beginning, the first of a number of rallies the Tea Party plans on holding around the state up until election day. Movements destined for the trash heap start big and fizzle. I can assure you, even in a blue state, today they planted the acorn. To see a lot more go to the gallery.

Or watch the ones below as a slide show in your browser … easier to see.