Lila Rose, Rosa Acuna Project, Philly abortion story tomorrow

If you are not familiar with the Philadelphia Daily News story on a court mandated abortion of a 22 week old fetus … the story is here. But here’s a brief summary. Read more

The Tim Tebow Ad: Ummm what was the fuss?

Just saw this posted at the Washington Examiner by Mark Tapscott. I had to watch it twice to make sure I didn’t miss something. One more reason why the hysterical left needs to get a life. No check that … the lefties have to respect life … all life … from the womb through old age.


Ed Morrissey has a post on it too. We apparently think alike on this issue.

The Rosa Acuna Project – Planned Parenthood video

Counseling abuse continues to be documented by the Rosa Acuna Project. Jim will be discussing this during the second half of the 11 a.m. ET hour this morning. Here is the video and some excerpts from the story.

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St Gerard’s needs your help … for life

No matter what your religion or your politics, St Gerard’s needs your help as it continues its mission to save the lives of unborn children. St Gerard’s is located in downtown Hartford and is a place pregnant women can turn to before making a decision whether to save or abort … and they are trying to raise money for an ultrasound.

If you are not familiar with St Gerard’s Center for Life here’s the rundown:

St. Gerard’s Center for Life is a Catholic Pregnancy Resource Center whose mission is to assist mothers make life-affirming decisions (e.g., keeping their baby or placing their child for adoption) by providing them with material, emotional and spiritual support (i.e., we assist the mothers in getting their children baptized in the church). Since opening on March 25, 2004, we have served over 2,200 mothers and children in need and more than 350 babies lives have been saved (i.e, which otherwise would have died from abortion).

Now St Gerard’s needs your help. They are trying to raise $40,000 for an ultrasound. The reason is simple. With an ultrasound executive director Theresa Krankowski, Ed.D. can let a picture do the talking.

Throughout the nation, pregnancy centers report that when women are given the chance to see the life within them on the ultrasound, 80% to 90% choose life (Catholic Register, August 23, 2009)!

Here’s how you can help. Send a contribution, no matter how small to:

Knights of Columbus

P.O. Box 310502

All checks must be made payable to Knights of Columbus and put in the memo section for St. Gerard’s Center Ultrasound Machine.

Newington, CT 06131

And thank you. The baby you save just may turn out to be the person who saves your life someday or your children’s.

40 Days For Life

We’re about half way through the Catholic Church’s “40 Days For Life” event. Around the world people are praying and fasting for the unborn children and their mothers. It’s important to know this 40 days program is a peaceful time of prayer. No mothers are confronted, only reminded by the presence of people like you see here in downtown Hartford that these mothers do indeed have a choice.

40 days

That, in fact, is the subject of my interview with a dynamic guy, Mike Klinger, who represents the Wetherfield, CT Knights of Columbus. He and his friend Dan and two other women stood in the rain yesterday praying and holding their sign.


Listen to what Mike has to say about whether this quiet protest makes a difference … and listen to what he says to men everywhere. It is a powerful interview at the end!


For more information on the 40 days program please click here. And for more information on the Knights of Columbus in Wethersfield, click here.

Imagine The Potential – Update: News Video

Today (Thursday) marks the 36th anniversary of Roe … and for those who cannot see that the decision to abort is a decision to end a life … it may well be a time of celebration. But it is not.

This is why in Washington today (Thursday) thousands also gathered to protest Roe. I wanted to give you some press reports on this but unfortunately the MSM chose not to cover it … so this is the best I can do here.

If you think one baby does not make a difference, please take the time to watch this video. It will touch you.


To mark the anniversary Cong Pence introduced legislation to end federal funding of Planned Parenthood. Click here to learn why.

Ending abortion can never be done legislatively. Never. Because you see there will always be those who will seek them out through other means and thus … endangering their own lives and of course that of the child.

Successfully putting an end to abortion requires that we all work to change the hearts and minds of people. Help them understand that life does indeed begin at conception. For if not then … then when? It also requires that we as individuals and as a community be prepared to reach out and help women who may find themselves unexpectedly pregnant

Of course none of this means that we as a society should not continue to campaign to end this practice and once again showing the world that America values life from birth to natural death.

Update: Finally some video of the event from ABC in DC