John Hinderaker and Kathryn Jean Lopez join us this morning

One of the outstanding founders of Power Line joins us this morning. John has been a good friend of the show since we began which is why we headline his posts in our “Newswire” section. Here are his top headlines for today.

Plus we will be talking with National Review’s Kathyrn Jean Lopez about the culture of life or lack thereof today. Her column is here.

After all, here in the United States, we don’t have a good track record when it comes to fending off a creeping culture of death. Leave aside abortion — the killing of the most vulnerable, who’ve never had a say over their own preservation. Recall that one of our president’s regrets is that while in the Senate, he did not do his part to stop lawmakers from attempting to save the life of Terri Schiavo, a brain-injured Floridian who ultimately was taken off food and hydration in 2005 and died a short time later. It was a mess of a case, certainly, involving warring family members, courts, and a media feeding frenzy, but Obama’s statement was a bold one.

Update (Steve): Corrected the spelling of Kathryn’s first name on Oct. 19.

On the one hand … on the other

From Powerline (where else) … I’ve been talking about this since early fall. Obama has a knack for covering all the bases. Read more


John Hinderaker has spotted a trend and we think it’s a long time coming. Financial firms and businesses, even one’s in trouble, but especially those that are not, are quickly discovering that government funds come with strings, and the rules can change (and often do) in the middle of the game. 

Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis now says that taking $20 billion from the federal government to support BoA’s acquisition of Merrill Lynch was a “tactical mistake.” Lewis says he expects BoA to repay the $45 billion it owes the government over the next two to three years.

Uhh, yeah … and one of my former brothers on the street says they are not the only one … and reminded me of this … when JP Morgan cut its dividend last week by 87%.

The savings from cutting the dividend will put the bank in a position to pay back more quickly the $25 billion it took from the government last fall under the Troubled Asset Relief Program. J.P. Morgan has said it was encouraged to take the money and didn’t need it.

They realize what you soon will if you agree to mortgage cash, or federal health care … nothing comes for free and everything they do has strings and rules can change in the middle of the game.

Voters Ready to Punish Democrats?

John has been following the polls very closely, once again compelling us to push up his link on the page. it also deals directly with one of our polls yesterday … are Democrats overreaching. I am not so sure. But it is an interesting narrative.

The parties are now in a virtual dead heat, with 40% preferring a generic Democratic candidate and 39% choosing the generic Republican.

Read it all here.

Obama says drill – but knows Sierra Club will fight

Powerline has a nice wrap-up concerning Obama’s two-faced approach to drilling for more oil and natural gas here in the States. Even though he’s now preaching that we should consider drilling offshore and open more leases in Alaska – not ANWAR – he knows that environmentalists will go to court to block every move to actually drill.

By playing both sides of the coin, he gives the impression that he cares about energy costs; and even though the oil companies can drill, they are not drilling. Squarely putting the blame back on Big Oil even though it’s not their fault.

He is not explaining why the oil companies are not drilling. Read more