TSA Scans “Won’t Catch Anybody”, reports Popular Mechanics

The terror follies continue my little mobsters. But remember, this administration is smart, very smart. Unlike George Bush who was stupid. Well not only has State been negotiating with an impostor in Afghanistan, but those scanners designed to keep us safe, ummm, not so much, says Popular Mechanics. Read more

Oh Nooooo!

As most of you who listen to the show know, I love the hucksters. They are the best part of the Big E and the Lord knows they could sell snow to Eskimos. But this is just heartache. Glenn Reynolds points us to a Popular Mechanics review of the “Point ‘n’ Paint”.

Perhaps a reader comment to our “Five Pro Painting Tips” story put it best: “Oh—and the easy paint-gimicky things (edga guards, auto-feed rollers, etc.)—fugeddaboutit!”

Soooo disappointing. At least the “Aqua Globe” works.

Private contractors build bridge faster and better than government

Wow. The private sector kicks ass again. After the bridge tragedy in Minneapolis along I-35 west, many thought it would take two or three years to rebuild the St. Anthony Bridge. The destroyed bridge – which took 13 lives – was a very important part of the Minneapolis roadway infrastructure; and the governor knew that it needed to be rebuilt fast.

It took less than 14 months to get the bridge designed, built and in operation. Normally, state agencies – monster bureaucracies – act as general contractor for these projects that require excessive regulations concerning the bidding process, design vetting, environmental impact studies and “minority owned” contractor requirements. All of those rules were tossed out in favor of getting the job done on time, at the highest justifiable quality and lowest reasonable cost.

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