Obama administration not tracking the number of health care uninsured?

Mary Katherine Ham over at Hot Air notes the Obama administration’s health care team does not seem to be tracking the number of people without health insurance, or the number of previously uninsured who now have coverage. You would think the Department of Health and Human Services (HSS) would consider that to be an important benchmark, but they claim they have not been measuring it.

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UCONN Hartford Courant poll has Obama up by 21% in Connecticut

It’s not surprising to me that President Obama will win re-election in Connecticut, but I just want to remind people the polls mean absolutely nothing … the only poll that matters is election day.

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Expect more warped pre-election polls as media supports Obama

You will see more and more of this as we get closer to the fall election. You might as well forget about quality polling for the time being, not that it was all that good anyway. In this case, NBC and the Wall Street Journal figure you don’t care about the sample break-down between Democrats and Republicans.

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Interesting: NBC News Political Unit has ALL House races shifting to right

With the last update from the NBC Political Unit prior to election day, every change analysts have made concerning House of Representatives elections have shifted in favor of the Republican. This in no way means Republicans are favored in the race, but is a clear indication of momentum for Republicans.

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Leaning GOP? Leaning Dem? Google interactive map poll monitoring

The interactive map – coded by Google using their maps API – displays data from multiple polling outfits and allows users to quickly dig down to specific races and check out current status. As an example, you can find out if your district is Safe Dem, Likely Dem, Leans Dem, Toss Up, Leans GOP, Likely GOP, or Safe GOP.

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Sept. 11 an inside job versus Americans who think stimulus worked

I’m not exactly certain how to write the headline for this post, but in a recent New York Times/CBS News poll, only 6 percent of Americans believed the $787 billion stimulus program created any jobs. So, in comparison, how many think Sept. 11 was an inside job or involves a government cover-up?

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Obama’s approval index back to pre-SOTU levels

Two days ago John Hinderacker over at Power Line Blog noted President Obama’s approval ratings were back to the pre-State of the Union levels. After the Scott Brown-induced speech, Obama is back to an approval index of -15 in the most recent Rasmussen poll.

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Obama approval index now at -21 (lowest so far)

President Obama’s approval index as monitored by Rasmussen Reports is currently at -21. That’s negative 21. The index measures the difference between those who strongly approve, and those who strongly disapprove of the president’s performance.

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Abortion poll story shows clear bias in reporting

So, how do you spin a story that shows 54 percents of Minnesotans are either totally against legalizing abortion or pro-life in general? You title your headline “Nearly half of Minnesotans favor abortion rights, survey says”.

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A gathering storm?

Recent events suggest that things may (and I stress may) be looking up.

Despite the endorsement of the Democratic candidate by Scozzafava in NY 23, Conservative candidate Hoffman currently leads in Sienna College polling by 5 percentage points, with undecideds doubling from 9% to 18%.

In Virginia, the Republican candidate Bob McDonnell holds a commanding lead of 12% on his Democratic rival in a poll by the Richmond Times-Dispatch poll, with suggestions that his candidacy has coat-tails.

Even the liberal bastion of New Jersey is in play, with Republican Christie leading Corzine by two points, with independent Daggett holding 12% of the vote, with another 6% undecided.  While Corzine could still pull this one out, the fact that this race is even in question suggests something is going on.

Things could still go south — nothing is certain… well, maybe the race in Virginia, but polling has been wrong before.  Nothing in this world is guaranteed, except death and taxes — perhaps now more than ever.  Hopefully, this, if not the beginning of the end, it may be the end of the beginning.

Interesting times, my friends, interesting times.