Majority of Americans say “No” to federal government’s involvement in health care

I think this is significant since it gives promise to our demands for a smaller and leaner government, especially at the federal level. Only 42 percent of random adults think the federal government should be involved with health care.

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Hot Air poll results – Palin has wide lead over other GOP possible candidates

I think Jim did something similar here at RVO within the last week, but he missed a couple of possible candidates when he first published the poll. The Hot Air poll is somewhat relevant, since we’re talking a primary and you’ve got to figure Hot Air readers would be included in the group actually voting in a primary.

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CBS poll showing strong support for public unions unmasked

And unmasked by their own numbers. I’ve included the CBS report from last night’s newscast as well. Make special note of CBS making special note that those evil corporations helped fund the opposition. But Ed Morrissey does a great job of unmasking the actual bias behind the poll. Have at it my little mobstas. Read more

The American Dream turns nightmare

I suppose this is not surprising, but depressing nonetheless. Of course there’s video to go with this. I could not let the opportunity pass. Read more

Obama approval at all-time low of 42% among general population

I’m not sure if this is significant or just a downward blip. Either way, the 42 percent approval rating – President Obama’s lowest since taking office – is newsworthy. This is a CNN/Opinion Research Poll, and just three weeks ago the president was at 50 percent. How significant is this?

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Poll – 55% want health care legislation repealed

Not just fix it, but repeal it. More than half of Americans don’t like the legislation or the way it was forced through Congress. You’ll see plenty of video online with free-loaders thinking it’s Christmas, where all they will need to do is pay their co-pay and everything will be OK.

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Doctors to Obamacare – “I quit!” Plus Hatch to Congress – “You’re nuts”

Forget the AMA, most Doctors either don’t belong or don’t buy into it’s political agenda. Doctor after doctor who have called my show have said the same thing, government take over of healthcare, either through bureaucratic determination of protocol or pay, will either make them retire, or wish they were.

46.3% of primary care physicians (family medicine and internal medicine) feel that the passing of health reform will either force them out of medicine or make them want to leave medicine.

41% of physicians feel that income and practice revenue will “decline or worsen dramatically” with a public option.

72% of physicians feel that a public option would have a negative impact on physician supply, with 45%feeling it will “decline or worsen dramatically” and 27% predicting it will “decline or worsen somewhat.

Doctors don’t like this. They know, as the SOS pointed out months ago, if this passes they are toast. And public opposition, even in Connecticut is growing.
Add to that the special deals … and as Senator Hatch told Greta last night, the Democrats are crazy if they pass this thing.


Weekend Poll: How are you listening to Vicevich?

We’re wondering what delivery method you are using when listening to Jim Vicevich’s radio show. Bu no means will this be scientific, but we’re curious. PLEASE take a moment to hit the poll if you listen to the show. No registration required.

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Obama’s approval numbers drop 7 points in 30 days

I’m not one to point out polls on a regular basis, primarily because the results can be so different depending on the questions asked and the way the questions are asked. But anyway … A CNN poll has President Obama’s approval at 48 percent, 7 points less than it was just one month ago.

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A gathering storm?

Recent events suggest that things may (and I stress may) be looking up.

Despite the endorsement of the Democratic candidate by Scozzafava in NY 23, Conservative candidate Hoffman currently leads in Sienna College polling by 5 percentage points, with undecideds doubling from 9% to 18%.

In Virginia, the Republican candidate Bob McDonnell holds a commanding lead of 12% on his Democratic rival in a poll by the Richmond Times-Dispatch poll, with suggestions that his candidacy has coat-tails.

Even the liberal bastion of New Jersey is in play, with Republican Christie leading Corzine by two points, with independent Daggett holding 12% of the vote, with another 6% undecided.  While Corzine could still pull this one out, the fact that this race is even in question suggests something is going on.

Things could still go south — nothing is certain… well, maybe the race in Virginia, but polling has been wrong before.  Nothing in this world is guaranteed, except death and taxes — perhaps now more than ever.  Hopefully, this, if not the beginning of the end, it may be the end of the beginning.

Interesting times, my friends, interesting times.