Identification Please

With the November Election just 149 days away the topic of having to show an I.D. prior to
casting a vote has become topic of debate.  I have been asked for my personal ID in several
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Why is Politico trying to create a Palin vs Bachmann feud?

Last night, retracto at Big Government strongly suggested Politico authors Paul Goldman and Mark Rozell correct and retract their claim that Sarah Palin demanded she should get the credit for building the TEA party constituency especially since she’s taking constant beating in the media. Of course, Politico made up the entire thing.

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O’Reilly vs Politico Tea Party smack down

This is just classic, and if you missed it, well it is just good old fashioned classic O’Reilly. I generally bristle when people use absolutes (everyone, all, concensus, every), but in this case, I believe it’s close to true. Read more

Media bias, it exists – so what?

Little Green Footballs has a post referring to thoughts from two liberal media-types at Politico. To use an analogy, they think if a football team really sucks and will be playing the best team in the league, the coverage for the big-time underdog will be negative as compared to the top team.

So, to prop up the underdog as having an even chance at winning – would in itself – be biased. The problem is this election is not a football game, and although the liberal media is not propping up McCain, they certainly are propping up Obama and Biden.

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Obama Re-Aims for Pro-Gun Vote – Won’t Work

Nice try, but Carrie Budoff Brown’s spin at Politico is not going to cut it with 2nd Amendment advocates and NRA members. For the last few days, Conservative247’s featured post informed readers of Obama’s clear position against concealed carry laws. Since his interview in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review on April 2, I’ve been waiting to see what the campaign’s response would be.

Despite the fact that concealed carry laws do not result in Wild-West shootouts – or more crime for that matter – Obama is on the record stating that he does not think citizens should be allowed to carry concealed. When I read about “A-rated” NRA Democrat congressmen in Pennsylvania and leaders at the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence agreeing that Obama is a quality supporter of the 2nd Amendment, something is wrong; very wrong.

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