Indianapolis community organizers bait law enforcement officer with fake fight

If there are tensions between urban police departments and the African-American community, this kind of stuff won’t help one bit. An Indianapolis police officer was invited to give a presentation at a youth symposium where organizers staged a fight to see how the [white] officer would react.

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South Carolina mayor: No more police foot chases

I’m not kidding, and she certainly seems determined. The mayor of Wellford, S.C. has instituted a policy banning law enforcement from chasing criminal suspects. She’s not just eliminating vehicle chases, but has banned foot pursuits as well. Maybe the mayor of Wellford has a line on a new tractor beam? Watch the video and you may get the impression she can order one online.

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Symptom of the Disease: Federal government paying for local cops

Fiscal responsibility is dead. Well, it probably died years ago but can we bring it back? The city of Akron, Ohio – along with other cities in the state – will be able to hire and pay 23 police officers for three years thanks to federal stimulus dollars. Of course, the string is the city must guarantee to pick up the tab for an additional year.

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Don’t tase me … I’m 75 years old

Hmmmmmm. Always more to the story than meets the eye.


Exit question? Should she have just listened to the officer?