Laugh of the day

I never post viral e-mails but this one even made me laugh. Via the SOS who notes, “Even though neither of us is a “birther” … you gotta love this guy” purely for his sense of humor. For all we know, he’s not a “birther” either. But, come on, even the President has to chuckle at this one. Click to view full size.

My response to the SOS was …. tooooooooooo much!

Don’t know who he is or where he is from … but this one is making the rounds.

April 15, 2010 TEA Party photos – Send them in!

We’ll use this post for pictures from TEA Parties held at various locations today. Thank you for sending in your pictures!

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For God so loved the world ….

We adore Thee oh Christ and we praise Thee, because by your holy Cross You have saved the world … Read more