Peter Schiff at Occupy Wall Street

It’s kind of fun to watch some of the responses from the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) crowd as a good number of them seem to be off the wall, but to be fair, there are many protestors who have serious questions. Peter Schiff thinks the movement is getting a bad rap, and attempts to redirect their frustration to where it belongs.

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Uh oh … Schiff tells Yahoo the economy is in worse shape not better

From Jim Hoft at Gatewaypundit. Connecticut Senatorial candidate and the man who warned America about the housing bubble and the ensuing financial collapse, Peter Schiff is at it again. This is well worth the listen because he explains why he believes the economy is in worse shape than in 2008 and headed for another collapse.

The Yahoo printed story is over at Gateway. I have seen pundits like Mr Schif call big changes in the economy before, only to watch them collapse and not the economy, the second time around. The difference with Schiff is his reasoning and critical thought. Scary though, heh?