Romney picks Paul Ryan for running mate UPDATE:take the poll please

UPDATE (Jim): please make sure you take our poll. It will be interesting to see how you all vote, given your support for Senator Rubio last Friday

Meet America’s Comeback Team. This morning, it’s confirmed presumed Republican candidate for president Mitt Romney has selected Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) as his running mate. What do you think?

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Obama administration completely unconcerned about debt and deficit after 2012

Ten years. That’s all they give a crap about. The goal here is to get re-elected and kick the can down the road.

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Which Medicare plan do you want?

This past week much has been said and written about President Obama’s plan for Medicare, under Obamacare, and, Paul Ryan’s (R. Wi.) plan for Medicare outlined in his proposed budget.  Rather than demagogue one or the other (I suspect we’ve all had enough of that at the moment), I thought I’d describe both plans, and let you decide. Read more

Obama vs Ryan: Game on! Video

I’ve already posted on the president’s speech yesterday. But I thought I would throw some red meat out there for you, you little mobsters. Here is some video letting you compare and contrast Barack Obama slamming Paul Ryan and Paul Ryan fighting back. Awesome. Read more

Do we need Medicare reform?

As you know, Representative Paul Ryan (R. Wi.) has proposed that Congress tackle the looming fiscal disaster that exists for Medicare.  A caller yesterday objected to any change because, as he put it, he has been paying into Medicare for years and wants to make sure he gets his money back. Read more

Congressman Paul Ryan’s message to America … fiscal responsibility

Congressman Paul Ryan promised a budget that tackles America’s fiscal train wreck. He has delivered. Watch his video. Leadership! Read more

Gallup: Surprise, Americans not so happy with “The One’s” handling of economy – Video

You’ll find this across the internet today but I am posting too because it is so important. It’s significant because it shows the American people get it … and two … it’s not Bush’s economy anymore. Change! Read more

Video:Paul Ryan and Michelle Bachmann respond: We’re headed for a cliff.

They won’t win awards for warm and fuzzy and they won’t win friends for calling for budget cuts … instead of freezes … but they will, for responding to the American people.
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Matthews: Stop bitching about the deficit and name some cuts – Congressman Ryan: OK, fasten your seat belt

This is a perfect example of why, when a Congressman knows his stuff, he can handle even the dumbest questions. Matthews demands, name one item you will cut from the budget. Ryan, I’ll name more than one. Here we go. Read more

Congressman Paul Ryan: It’s a fiscal Frankenstein

Or is that Fronkonsteen? This is by far and away the best explanation Congressman Paul Ryan has given on why this Health Care Bill will become a fiscal nightmare for us, our children and grandchildren. Read more