Paul Begala: Boehner’s call for White House heads to roll a pretty smart move

Honesty in politics is always refreshing and this will tell you how much trouble the Democrats are in. Last night on CNN, Clintonista and Democrat/White House strategist Paul Begala was asked to respond to Republican House Leader John Boehner’s call for the firing of Obama’s entire economic team (or what’s left of them). I expected spin. It’s not what I got. Read more

Food Fight

This took place on CNN last night and Nicolle Wallace could very well be my new hero (heroine?). She handles CNN’s White House plotter in chief Paul Begala with ease. Wolf never asks Begala if he indeed was behind the Limbaugh/Obama battle … but allows Begala to continue his screed “Rush is the leader of the Republicans”. But Nicolle, bless her heart, puts the brakes on that one and puts the Obama administration in its proper perspective.


Food fight indeed. Grow up children. Rome is burning.

Obama Advisor Calls Rush A Drug Addict

I received a call today from a “Hope n Change” listener who began by calling Rush Limbaugh a drug addict. That was quickly followed by a “Hope n Change” caller defending Peter and then hanging up. Little did I know this was a Democratic strategy to continue the assault on Rush by dragging themselves through the gutter.

Media Advisor to Obama Administration (Oh and CNN employee) Paul Begala fires I guess the third shot of the day. Hang on everyone for the new Obama “Hope n change” Party. Bonus video “Bush laziest President ever” comes at the end.


Wow. OK … remind again, who was it who was using the cocaine? Just askin’, that’s all.

“Pot had helped, and booze; maybe a little blow when you could afford it. Not smack, though.”

Welcome Hot Air readers. Allah first read about this video here at Radio Vice Online!