Decisions, Pennsylvania style…

It became official — Arlen Specter will face an opponent in the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania.

“Rep. Joe Sestak made it official today — he’s challenging Sen. Arlen Specter in next year’s Pennsylvania Senate race.

The Democrat, who is now in his second term in the House, announced his candidacy at a VFW post in Folsom, Pa., promising that he would be the most “honest” and “hardest-working” senator if he is elected.
“In Pennsylvania, where I was born and bred, we find ourselves in pretty downtrodden times,” Sestak said. “But this nation, especially we as Pennsylvanians, with adversity comes opportunity. And there is opportunity if we act now.””
While not the favorite, candidate Sestak does have a few things going for him — half of Pennsylvanians don’t believe Specter deserves another term in the Senate.  He’s also found his first campaign hook:
“U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak made his candidacy for the Senate official Tuesday, saying he wants to put ”principles over politics” in his quest to unseat Republican-turned-Democratic Sen. Arlen Specter next year.”

This is a fertile field for Sestak to plow — Specter’s opportunistic jump to the Democratic party (forty four years after he opportunistically jumped *to* the GOP) is the very definition of politics trumping principle.

If nothing else, a good, old-fashioned Democratic primary, complete with flying mud, bodes well for Republican challenger Pat Toomey.  Let the games begin.

Obligatory Specter goes Democrat post – GOP did NOT move right UPDATE: Video

Sen. Arlen Specter (R/D/Who Cares-Pa.) will announce(d) that he’s going to run on the Democrat ticket in 2010 which leaves the Republican nomination open to Pat Toomey. You must give credit to Specter for one thing and one thing only. He’s not pulling this crap right after he is elected.

That said, this is decision based on his continued quest for power. He must have seen the polls or something. The last time Specter went up against Toomey, Specter got the nomination by a narrow 2 percent, and recent polls did not look good for the incumbent. From Jake Tapper at ABC News…

In a Quinnipiac poll last month among registered Pennsylvania Republicans, Specter trailed Toomey 27-41 percent. That poll showed that Specter had a 29 percent favorability rating among Republicans, compared with 60 percent among Democrats.

Uhh, yeah. What would you do?

UPDATE VIDEO (Jim): Here’s Specter in his own words. But allow me to sum it up. Who do the people of Pennsylvania think they are? How dare they? This has nothing to do with a principled stance. He was getting clobbered by the good Republican people of Pennsylvania. This is all about saving a job that he, like all other Senators, believe is theirs.


We now return you back to Steve. The article continues…

The precariousness of Specter’s political position — a Republican in a Democratic-leaning state — was on display earlier this year when he was one of three GOP senators to back President Obama’s $787 billion economic stimulus plan. That vote was strongly condemned by conservative Republicans and Toomey used that vote as the launching pad for his candidacy.

The GOP moved to the right? Are you kidding? To invoke Reagan just ticks me off since Reagan left the Democrat party because the party left him. Nice try senator, I’m not buying. That stimulus porkapoluza that you voted for has nothing in common with conservative principles.

Standing question that Specter better step up and answer. Sen. Specter, can you provide specific examples where the GOP moved to the right?

specter-wikiMore at Michelle Malkin’s place, Volokh Conspiracy (noting future Obama judicial nominations), Campaign Spot, and Hot Air (no change on card check).

Damn, Wikipedia trolls are fast – but they got it wrong of course. They list him as a Democrat starting in 2009, but it will not be official until he runs in 2010 (in office 2011), at least that is how I read it.

Update: I did remember hearing that Specter ruled out switching parties earlier this year.

He [Specter] said in an interview with The Hill that the role of the Republican Party in Washington is too vital for him to switch to the Democratic side.

“I’m staying a Republican because I think I have a more important role to play there,” he said. “I think the United States very desperately needs a two-party system. … And I’m afraid that we’re becoming a one-party system, with Republicans becoming just a regional party.”

At the same time, Specter said he is open to the possibility of running as an Independent with the understanding that he would caucus with Republicans, just as Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) did with Democrats in 2006.

Though he left that option on the table, he suggested it would be a last resort.

Last resort huh? What a liar. “I’m staying a Republican because I think I have a more important role to play there”?

It’s all about him and the power. No convictions at all.

Stimulus More Dangerous After We Recover

Pat Toomey, with the Club For Growth, had some sobering words for Neil Cavuto last night. Not only does he believe that the current Prokapalooza can’t pull the economy from recession, but he believes as the nation recovers, as it always does, there will be those who believe that massive spending was in the fact the very thing that pulled us out … dooming us to a generation of spenders. Gee I wonder what gives him that idea?