Feel-good firearm legislation in Connecticut – Gun offender registration

In Connecticut, after you serve your time in jail and complete your probation for killing a person with a knife, there is no requirement – or current suggestion by lawmakers – to require you “register” as a knife offender. Heck, there is no requirement you register with the state even if you are a convicted murderer. But if you commit your crime with a gun, you’re a different class of scumbag.

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Felon on parole kills cop – previously serving three consecutive life sentences

Woburn, Mass. police officer Jack Maguire, 60, a married father, was killed in the line of duty on Sunday night. His killer, who took advantage of the blizzard to rob the Kohls jewelery counter in Woburn, was paroled in Feb. 2009 after being handed three consecutive life sentences for multiple crimes.

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