Who me…raise taxes? UPDATE: Video added

During the course of his pre-Super Bowl interview with Bill O’Reilly, President Obama said “I didn’t raise taxes once”.  I guess he forgot. Read more

Obama to Business: Ask not what we can do for you … but what you can do for me

OK. A paraphrase. But even as the President stood before Chamber businesses … his little regulators were hard at work, well, regulating. The question is, has this President changed? Is really listening to business, or is he still pushing a command economy. State-ists, fear not. No change here. Read more

Juan Williams on NPR apology- Hey, you didn’t apologize to me – O’Reilly: we’re not letting go of this madam

This sure doesn’t sound like a “kiss and make-up” moment. More like “I’ll see you on the airwaves, baby.” Never pick a fight with a man who has 3 million viewers at his disposal. Read more

Fair and Balanced: Krauthammer and O’Reilly on the Obama speech-“kicking and screaming”

Some fair and balanced video after giving so much space to MSNBC. Here were the best takes from Fox, which did not spend much time on analysis except in regular programming. Still I was kinda stunned by O’Reilly’s frankness and surprised by Krauthammer’s gentleness.

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O’Reilly vs Congressman Weiner – Who’s on first?

This may be O’Reilly’s most frustrating moment since … ummm … Barney Frank.

O’Reilly is tryig to pin down Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) on who will enforce the Health Care penalty for people who choose not to buy insurance and refuse to pay the penalty. A reasonable question … that O’Reilly asks five times. But Weiner never gives an answer. The ultimate answer of course is the IRS but Weiner won’t budge.

This little comedy routine actually runs six minutes. I could only cut three minutes at the end, and frankly, it’s all you could take too.


These lefities so think we are stupid, or is it just O’Reilly they think is stupid. My guess, they think O’Reilly will let them spew their crap in the interest of bipartisanship. Silly lefty.

I think I like this one better. Ha!


Update (Steve): Thanks to Ed Morrissey at Hot Air for the linkage.

O’Reilly: Obama’s not a socialist, just President Johnson on steroids

Yeah, that makes me so much more comfortable. Well Newt has a tough problem not laughing thougout the entire interview. As it was, he still laughed plenty.

It started with Rush’s rant last week where a woman caller brought up O’Reilly’s name and Rush took a level only Rush could. He mocked Bill about his “fair and balanced” pander to the Obama administration … but Rush’s rant also included shots at Bill’s … umm … self awareness?

It must have struck a nerve because O’Reily spent the first half hour of his show asking a variety of guests if they thought Obama was a socialist. Newt was first up. Answer was classic. But as you listen you will notice that Bill continually confuses socialism with communism and totalitarianism. No Obama is not trying to confiscate private property … well not all private property (see GM, Chrysler, college loan industry, health care) but he believes in Government control that goes far beyond government regulation. But why let me tell you. Here’s Newt.


Not a socialist, just President Johnson on steroids. No, not quite. Johnson never had a pat czar and didn’t own a car company. But that’s just me. Comments welcome. I will likely touch on this, so if you have objections, make em known.

O’Reilly on guns – disarm citizens during states of emergency – UPDATE – O’Reilly to left of Obama

Last night on O’Reilly during an interview with Oathkeepers founder Stewart Rhodes, Bill made a fool of himself suggesting it was “extreme” for Rhodes to think it was unconstitutional to disarm law-abiding citizens during a state of emergency.

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O’Reilly vs Politico Tea Party smack down

This is just classic, and if you missed it, well it is just good old fashioned classic O’Reilly. I generally bristle when people use absolutes (everyone, all, concensus, every), but in this case, I believe it’s close to true. Read more

NYC terror trial decision – getting worse every few hours

There is no doubt the terrorist trial of the Sept. 11 planners in New York City will be a big show that aims to put the United States on trial. Scott Fenstermaker, the lawyer in the headlines, implies American foreign policy will be on trial and he refuses to admit civilians were murdered.

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Cavuto schools O’Reilly on Obamanomics: There is no free market

Too much. Neil Cavuto from FBN (which if you do not have  ….DEMAND IT … tried desperately to explain to Bill O’Reilly, why controlling the pay of even those companies taking bailout money, is just a bad idea. It’s a slippery slope. O’Reilly, at his populist best, scoffs. But there is a turning point about midway through. The money line … Bill, there is no free market. Watch all the way through and he will convince you too.


To my former WFSB colleague’s credit, he tells Neil, he has a point. Indeed.