Wading in… The open carry verses concealed carry argument

In the past, I have avoided the concealed carry versus open carry discussion simply because the final call is dependent on the law where you are and personal preference, but we can wade into it all right here. More than a year ago, I found a post in the US Carry forum by contributor Mainsail. He wrote the essay in March 2009 and it is reposted here – in full – with permission. (Thank you!) Read more

Man brings gun into New Haven theater … promptly gets arrested

New Haven police may have an issue on their hands. It’s important to note all of the facts have yet to be presented to us, but at first read, it looks like someone was arrested for doing something he was legally permitted to do.

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Yes, you can open carry a pistol in Connecticut

And you can responsibly carry a pistol in a bar that serves alcohol, and you can even carry your firearm on college campuses. I thought most of the misconceptions concerning Connecticut state law when it comes to permits and carrying handguns had been squashed, yet some continue to put totally false garbage out there.

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