Ohio rejects the individual mandate

Tuesday’s election in Ohio presented, among other things, two issues where the results could not have been more diverse, and confusing. Read more

Michigan, Ohio, and Obamacare

This is something that may be overlooked in Friday’s decision, by the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, holding that the individual mandate of Obamacare is unconstitutional. Read more

Obligatory Video: Ohio police officer “interaction” with concealed carry permit holder

If you have a concealed carry permit in the state of Ohio and you are carrying a handgun, you are required by law to “promptly” inform law enforcement on their approach you have a permit and are carrying. This video – released yesterday – deserves a post and your comment.

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More Obamacare waivers slip under the radar

Recently the Department of Health and Human Services granted additional waivers from the burdens of Obamacare, this time to four states.  Count your blessings if you are a state employee, and live in… Read more

Obama invokes God … woman faints

I’m not surprised. Even the NY Times thinks he’s like … ummm Jesus? Obama speaking in Ohio at what we are told was his “last” speech on health care, Obama warned Americans they are just one disease, one layoff, one precondition away from Armageddon. It was all one woman needed to hear. Read more

Symptom of the Disease: Federal government paying for local cops

Fiscal responsibility is dead. Well, it probably died years ago but can we bring it back? The city of Akron, Ohio – along with other cities in the state – will be able to hire and pay 23 police officers for three years thanks to federal stimulus dollars. Of course, the string is the city must guarantee to pick up the tab for an additional year.

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Ohio Democrats move to suppress votes – again

If you think voter suppression and fraud issues were limited to cities like Chicago and Seattle, you’re missing the bigger picture. It’s not just ACORN either. Jennifer Brunner, the Democrat secretary of state in Ohio, is targeting voters who received absentee ballot requests from the McCain campaign.

So who’s the party that wants to suppress your vote?

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