College students want free school and aspire to be professional protestors

I’m not sure where to go with this but … hey, they’re not my kids and I’m not paying for their school … or am I? Read more

Occupy protester steals furniture from neighbor to furnish protest camp

I’m very pleased this man has been charged with a felony, and has admitted to his crime. These stupid decisions – normally made by kids but in this case the perp is 32 years old – stay with you for life. Soon, he’ll be complaining he can’t get a fair shake in life because of his criminal record.

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Occupy London, or not…

Many protesters in Occupy London chant, “All day, all week, we’ll sleep on London’s freezing streets. Solidarity”… well, maybe, not so much. Read more

“Occupy” movement embraces banks and tax loopholes

The irony is sweet.  Assuming one can deduce a coherent theme in the various “occupy” demonstrations, one thing seems clear.  The demonstrators appear to uniformly despise the financial institutions.  But, what do you do with all the donations (estimated at over $500,000) that are pouring in? Read more

Could we finally be coming to the end of “twinkles”

Honestly, I wouldn’t bet on it, but if it is to be so, in a strange, awesomely macabre way, I will miss them. Their crazy demands, Marxist philosophy, anti capitalist slogans were not only entertaining but also head scratching as they carried on their protest with their capitalist tools … umm … computers. Read on. Read more

You 53%ers should pay for the “peoples” college education

We are doomed. Charles Cook at National Review caught up with one of the Occupy Wall Street protesters and the result is both comic and depressing … or as Cook puts it, “That being that if there is something someone doesn’t like about their life, someone else somewhere should change it. And if they don’t, well then, the American Dream is dead” Read more

To occupiers blaming Wall Street: The major cause of the 2008 collapse is…

The complete and total break down of the mortgage industry. It’s the primary reason you may have lost your home, are underwater with your mortgage, or can’t find a job. It was not Wall Street greed, it was the federal government who tinkered with the rules and screwed it up for everyone.

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