The “IRS lost Lois Lerner’s emails” story

The “Friday-at-5” IRS letter released by the House Ways and Means Committee indicated many of Lois Lerner’s emails between Jan. 2009 and April 2011 were lost due to a computer glitch. Of course, the lost emails were the ones sent and received from the White House, DOJ, FEC and many Democrats. Isn’t that convenient…

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Unbecoming of an Officer…in this case the Secret Service

The Obama administration seem to be grasping at straws.  Clutching and clawing at any idea to keep the White House
out of the hands of  former Governor Mitt Romney.  Amid the scandals of the Secret Service, lets be clear that there have been
incidences under prior administrations, George W. Bush and even Bill Clinton. Read more

Shocking: More Friday night Solyndra document dumps

I’m sitting here laughing. I was just wondering if there were any Obama administration Friday night document drops last week … and sure enough, we’ve got more Solyndra-themed emails from inside the White House.

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