Say what, Mr. President?

Today, the President honored the undefeated 1972 football Dolphins in the White House. Read more

The abyss

Last night, I began reading Black List, a 2012 novel written by Brad Thor.  In light of current events, the Preface to the book caught my eye. Read more

PRISM slide data released June 29 by Washington Post

Follow me here. It looks like information being collected by the NSA within the PRISM program is filtered to exclude known Americans, but the real effort to exclude the data comes after they have started to collected it.

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European allies will not be happy about NSA bugging them

The NSA monitoring operations could destroy the Obama administration’s good-will that has been building since before he was elected in 2008. I’m wondering if someone is going to demand a recall of the Nobel Peace Prize President Obama received before he did anything. Or will he be left alone?

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Government overreach? NSA throws wide net collecting millions of phone records (Update)

Imagine if we learned the Bush (43) administration – even with a warrant – got a judge to approve the NSA’s access to the time, date, phone number called, and phone number received of the parties for every single international and domestic phone call made on a specific network?

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