NRA taking the lead on civil rights

At least I think so. The NRA has a new ad that takes on Obama’s record against an individuals right to protect themselves with a firearm.

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NRA release videos targeting Obama and liberals

I can’t watch the videos here at work, but it does not mean I can’t provide you a link!

Update: Video and some brief analysis added to the post.

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Biden won’t let Obama take his guns – or ours

My first thought when I heard about Biden’s statement concerning firearm ownership was – I’ll bet my last dollar he was not in San Fransisco, Seattle, Chicago or New York. No way. Biden stated, “I guarantee you Barack Obama ain’t taking my shotguns, so don’t buy that malarkey.”

Biden spoke at the United Mine Workers of America’s annual fish fry in Castlewood, Virginia, just about as far away from Washington D.C. you can get while still staying in the state. Both the NRA and the Gun Owners of America give Biden and Obama F ratings.

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