Cost/Benefit analysis on … Abortion in North Carolina

That’s right, a North Carolina legislative panel actually had a discussion that concerned the “extra cost” to the state if a woman elected to have a baby as compared to the cost of an abortion. What do you say to this?

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N.C. Rep. Bob Etheridge assaults student – caught on video

If you approach a congressman in Washington D.C. and try to ask them what seems to be a pretty simple question and he goes nuts, grabbing at you and demanding to know who you are … don’t answer him.

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Home Schoolers on SOC – Update Video

If you haven’t seen Steve’s post on the home schooling mom in North Carolina you can read it here. The mom in this post Venessa Mills and another home schooling mom Robyn Williams will be joining us on the show at 10:10 am. Here’s a quick recap of the story.

A judge in Wake County said three Raleigh children need to switch from home school to public school. Judge Ned Mangum is presiding over divorce proceeding of the children’s parents, Thomas and Venessa Mills.

Venessa Mills was in the fourth year of home schooling her children who are 10, 11 and 12 years old. They have tested two years above their grade levels, she said.

“We have math, reading; we have grammar, science, music,” Venessa Mills said.

Her lessons also have a religious slant, which the judge said was the root of the problem.

“My teaching is strictly out of the Bible, and it’s very clear. It is very evident so I just choose to follow the Bible,” Venessa Mills said.

In an affidavit filed Friday in the divorce case, Thomas Mills stated that he “objected to the children being removed from public school.” He said Venessa Mills decided to home school after getting involved with Sound Doctrine church “where all children are home schooled.”

Thomas Mills also said he was “concerned about the children’s religious-based science curriculum” and that he wants “the children to be exposed to mainstream science, even if they eventually choose to believe creationism over evolution.”

This is a complicated case. I am not happy a judge has decided that somehow public school is in the children’s interest instead of home schooling, in effect ruling on evolutionary science over creationism. On the other hand no matter what the husband did, I believe he should have a say in his children’s education. We will talk to the mom about this.

Click here to watch video of the story from WRAL in Raleigh