The NLRB’s hubris

We did a post recently about last weeks’s decisionof the United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia in Canning v. NLRB.  That court found that President Obama’s January 4, 2012 appointment of three members to the NLRB was unconstitutional. Read more

No, Mr. President, you can’t do that

On Friday, the United States Circuit Court for the D.C. Circuit issued its ruling in Canning v. NLRB.  The decision can only be considered a blow to the President’s agenda. Read more

Obama again displays the difference between statists and conservatives

Maybe it’s not statists and conservatives, but to President Obama it’s him against his opponents. On his home-turf in front of a United Auto Workers crowd in Washington yesterday, Obama couldn’t grasp the concept that wanting to be on top and working together is not mutually exclusive.

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What to do when union membership declines?

The answer to this question is simple if you are the Obama administration…you rig the rules.  And, that is exactly what the National Labor Relations Board intends to do on Wednesday. Read more

We don’t have enough private sector union members

On Thursday, August 25, while most on the east coast were preparing for Hurricane Irene, the National Labor Relations Board issued a new rule.  There are a few curious things about the rule, other than the rule itself. Read more

The genius of the Øbama NLRB bureaucracy

It appears that Øbama’s NLRB is running amok in more than one place. I dug up this little gem this morning from the Internet: NLRB Pursuing Dead or Alive Policy, from the West Virginia’s The Intelligencer, Wheeling News-Register.

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Congress strikes back: the FCC and the NLRB

As you may recall, the FCC’s  Christmas present to America was a rule, issued December 23, 2010, that restricts how Internet service providers (like Verizon, or AT&T, or a host of others) manage traffic on their own Internet systems.  The FCC’s rule was “in response” to a decision by the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals that held that the FCC had absolutely no Congressional authority to regulate the Internet. Read more

A page from Atlas Shrugged – Boeing & Obama’s NLRB

The movie Atlas Shrugged hit the movie theaters and has gone mostly unnoticed. As I said before, the major part of the story line involves government, unions, and how they are trying to control everything from how much one can earn, to what one can own and produce. In an almost eerily similar fashion, Obama’s National Labor Relations Board is attempting to control Boeing; not what they make … but where they make it.

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Why Obama doesn’t need Congress

With Obama’s recent “compromise” on not raising taxes for anyone, much has been said about the possibility that Obama, like Clinton before him, is moving to the center. He isn’t, he doesn’t have to, and he doesn’t need Congress to accomplish his agenda. Read more