Obama to reporters: hey, the NFL can figure out how to spread the wealth around. I got stuff to do.

A little weekend amusement for you little mobsters there. Had the President just said, it’s not the President’s business, I would have let this slide. But, he still somehow managed to work a little socialism and the word “stuff” into the same sentence, so …. I’m just funnin with you Mr President. Read more

Rush Pushback: Sharpton vs Buchanan

This is probably the last Rush post for a while …. but more and more I see conservatives on these talk shows pushing back … with fact … and I like it.

Thursday night Chris Matthews had Al Sharpton on with Pat Buchanan to discuss Rush and the NFL and the fact that Rush had been dropped over the controversy. Sharpton, citing the only two controversial racial statements they had for (Rush on McNabb and on the NFL “Crips and Bloods”) says he would drop Rush too given his divisive nature … and Pat goes crazy. And as an added bonus they both through in Don Imus. Ha!

It just will never end,

ESPN says Rush is out – Gateway Pundit details smears – Update: damages?

It really is outrageous. Right from the first charge we posted Monday. The formula is familiar … spread lies … here … and here … and my favorite, here. Then put pressure on the NFL management to act, responsibly, or face the same fate ….. raaaaaaaacist. The end result … Rush is being forced out.

Rush Limbaugh is expected to be dropped from a group bidding to buy the St. Louis Rams, according to three NFL sources.
Dave Checketts, chairman of the NHL’s St. Louis Blues and the point man in the Limbaugh group attempting to buy the Rams, realizes he must remove the controversial conservative radio host from his potential role as a minority member in the group in order to get approval from other NFL owners, the sources said.

Three-quarters of the league’s 32 owners would have to approve any sale to Limbaugh and his group. Earlier this week, Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay predicted that Limbaugh’s potential bid would be met by significant opposition. Several players have also voiced their displeasure with Limbaugh’s potential ownership position, and NFL Players Association head DeMaurice Smith, who is black, urged players to speak out against Limbaugh’s bid.

Ultimately, the sources said, Checketts must reconfigure his group and find another investor to make his bid more viable.

Perfect. And if you are a conservative too … just to remind you of what they think of you ….. raaaaaaaacist!


Added by Steve: I’m wondering about damages. If CNN – and many other media outlets – posted this quote up, which at this point seems to be flat our slander, and as a result, Limbaugh was dropped from consideration, what kind of damages could we be talking here? As I note in the comments section below, it seems to be open season on conservatives and it’s making me sick. Gault. Looking. Good.


Matthews: Conservatives watch football don’t they?

Come on … he’s joking right? Chris Matthews debating whether Rush Limbaugh should be allowed to purchase the St Louis Rams, complete with past Rush quotes that even Matthews points out were not racist.

But the conversation veers way off course right after sports commentator Kevin Blackistone says the NFL is doing very well without Limbaugh (well not the Rams), and doesn’t need Limbaugh. Matthews follow up question is … ummm … Matthews. But talk show host Stephen Smith’s answer is priceless, followed by a tirade about black players standing up for issues or something.


Yes, Stephen, conservatives watch football. What goes unsaid here is the reason the question is asked. These libs are actually convinced conservatives are a racist enclave that won’t watch sports because there are black players. And just what are these issues that black players are supposed to be standing up for?

Just win baby …and that’s all Rush wants to do too.

NFLPA to Rush: get lost Update: Rev Al joins the chorus

Rush Limbaugh’s bid to buy the St Louis Rams has drawn fire from the NFL Players Association and actually I am not sure why. NFL Players executive director DeMaurice Smith (from ESPN):

In an e-mail to the union’s executive committee on Saturday specifically addressing Limbaugh’s bid, Smith said, “I’ve spoken to the Commissioner [Roger Goodell] and I understand that this ownership consideration is in the early stages. But sport in America is at its best when it unifies, gives all of us reason to cheer, and when it transcends. Our sport does exactly that when it overcomes division and rejects discrimination and hatred.”

Discrimination and hatred? Such as … oops, no specifics mentioned. Is it that a political commentator wants Obama’s policies to fail? I do. Is it the way Limbaugh exposes the vile hate (Nancy “swastika” Pelosi, or Democrat “Tea Party Mob” Party) from the left. Perhaps it’s the way Limbaugh exposes the political nature of the race card played as a weapon to silence opposition instead of to use it to exclusively expose true racial inequality.

But no, what we find from ESPN is that the NFLPA objects to this:

Limbaugh has expressed a number of controversial racial ideas in the past. For example, he suggested that Gen. Colin Powell supported Barack Obama’s presidential candidacy simply because he was black, and he also stated that the media wants black quarterbacks to do well and that Donovan McNabb doesn’t deserve much of the credit he has received for the Eagles’ success.

Set aside the fact that Rush is not a racist, that his producer is an African American, has never said anything that is racist, spends his time pointing out hypocrisy and double standards on the left, and promoting a market system that serves as the real solution to inner city poverty … we have come to this. Unless an individual tows the politically correct line, speaks only when spoken to and then only in support of the young President, you are no longer qualified to partiipate in the free market.

Oh … this was my favorite line in the ESPN story. Just in case you didn’t know NFL;

Among the half-dozen interested buyers of the Rams, there are strong African-American ownership groups interested in buying the Rams, including businessmen Donald Watkins and Dave Steward.

I think its great that there are qualified bidders who are African American. It’s a sign of economic success that transcends race. But it is not and should not be a qualifier above anything else nor should it be a reason to exclude Limbaugh. The only thing that should matter to these players is success. Financial success.

There was a time when sports were a way to escape from day to day politics. That is more important now than ever. But first NBC decided to include Bob “Bush is a failed President” Costas and then Keith”Bath Tub Boy” Olberman in it’s Sunday telecast. Now this.

I love the Giants and the Pats. I watch regularly and attend one very expensive game each year. Money that helps pay the freight of these NFL players, many of whom are coddled, spoiled and narcissistic, as well as overpaid and under-performing (where’s the NFL pay czar when we need him). But should the NFL disqualify this bid based on Limbaugh’s political views I will no longer watch (as I have with baseball, apparently with a lot of other people). I have better things to do with my time.

UPDATE: yes predictable … the Rev Al has joined the chorus. No Rush.