Newtown families deceived before lobbying trip to Washington?

This morning I received a couple of notes referencing a Big Government post by Brian Cates. In turn, Cates references a Maureen Dowd interview with Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.).

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Aurora theater shooting: A failure directly related to our mental health system

I was speaking to Jim the other day about the reluctance of people to “get involved” with the mental health of friends and family members. Honestly, I’m guilty. It’s not a stretch to be aware of a constant stream of strange attitudes, inappropriate comments, excessive drinking, depression, anti-social behavior and other “quirks” of someone we know and say nothing. After all, we’ve been conditioned for years not to judge people, since some folks are just “different” and that’s OK. For the Aurora and Newtown shooters, it was not OK.

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Detailed report of Newtown massacre will not change gun control agenda

Let’s accept reality here. Gun-control-supporting politicians don’t care about the details from Newtown, they just want to get rid of as many guns as possible since they hate guns and hate gun owners. They do this because that is how they are programmed … they must do something, even when the something they do does not solve the problem. Of course, they can feel good about themselves since they “tried” and that’s what counts in their mind.

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Yet another task force

In the wake of the horrific slaughter of innocent people in Newtown, Connecticut, President Obama has appointed Vice President Biden to study what can be done to prevent this type of tragedy from happening again. Read more

Newtown, Connecticut: Update

We don’t know the author of this beautiful poem.  Hopefully, someone can tell us.  But it needs to be read by as many as possible.  So please read it, and pass it on. Read more