Sotomayor Roundup – Gingrich, Malkin, Forbes

I wanted to put up a post with some links to the Sotomayor nomination from out site and others.

The “Rush called a racist” post is really a pretty good look not so much at Rush but some of the comments made by Sotomayor that may ultimately become her undoing.

BTW, Newt Gingrich has now joined the call for her withdrawal because of what he believes to be racist comments.

On Wednesday, Gingrich tweeted: “Imagine a judicial nominee said ‘my experience as a white man makes me better than a latina woman.’ new racism is no better than old racism.”

The “Liberal Talk Show Host” post is a great example of a nomination shell game. The left is pushing its “compelling story” line rather than compelling credentials which may or may not exist but when pressed … Press could only come up with “She’s the sixth Catholic”?

BTW … Michelle Malkin is all over this one too.

Democrats are eager to celebrate diversity, you see, as long as the diversely-pigmented pledge allegiance to the Left for life.

Finally a link to an article I talked about today at Forbes

I have written about Didden in Forbes. The case involved about as naked an abuse of government power as could be imagined. Bart Didden came up with an idea to build a pharmacy on land he owned in a redevelopment district in Port Chester over which the town of Port Chester had given Greg Wasser control. Wasser told Didden that he would approve the project only if Didden paid him $800,000 or gave him a partnership interest. The “or else” was that the land would be promptly condemned by the village, and Wasser would put up a pharmacy himself. Just that came to pass. But the Second Circuit panel on which Sotomayor sat did not raise an eyebrow. Its entire analysis reads as follows: “We agree with the district court that [Wasser’s] voluntary attempt to resolve appellants’ demands was neither an unconstitutional exaction in the form of extortion nor an equal protection violation.”

There’s more out there but for now this should do and we will add as time goes on.

The coming economic meltdown

Steve posted earlier on the economy and the $800 billion stimulus package that appears to be doing nothing to lower unemployment. His biggest fear is that the Democrats will use this to go back and request more money. A legitimate fear to be sure BUT THAT IS NOT my biggest fear. Read more

Global Warming Face Off

From Friday … so a little late but well worth the watch and from CNN no less. The video first … analysis afterwards. Pay attention class. Read more

Gingrich suggests third party rebellion in 2012

Can the American political system handle third party? It’s pretty clear voters have been split between Republicans and Democrats during the past 10 years. Obama won by 7 percent, and Bush won by 3 percent in 2004, but we are defined as a split nation when it comes to national politics. Close races are, well, really close.

So, what would a third party – a conservative third party – do to the political dynamics of the country? I’ve aways been in the camp to help move the Republican party towards conservatism instead of away. Yes, I guess you could say move the group to – or back to – the right.

To many, a third party is one of those kooky ideas that serve only to gather less than one million votes, or do a bang-up job and get almost 19 percent and leave Bush 41 with only 37 percent as occurred in 1992.

If Bush 41 got half the votes that Ross Perot received in 1992, he would have beat Bill Clinton by 2 million votes. (Perot carried no states and received no electoral votes.)

Newt Gingrich was at the College of the Ozarks yesterday and mentioned the possibility of a third party in 2012. From the CNN Political Ticker

Former House speaker Newt Gingrich is warning of a third party mutiny in 2012 if Republicans don’t figure out a way to shape up.

“If the Republicans can’t break out of being the right wing party of big government, then I think you would see a third party movement in 2012,” Gingrich said Tuesday. The speech, to a group of students at the College of the Ozarks in Missouri, was recorded by Springfield TV station KY3.

My thought is that a third party could be tied in with the Tea Party movement.

This brings us back to the Battleground Polls taken last fall that showed 57 percent considered themselves very conservative or somewhat conservative. Click on the image to enlarge.


So, can the 59 percent ban together in a third party, or are we better off working within the established Republican party?

Totalitarianism? Update-Commentary

Newt Gingrich thinks it may be an over statement, but no question Geithner’s grab at Treasury to control financial institutions and Obama’s grab over at GM … translates into a power grab. Where will it stop?


Update 1: I never had the chance to comment on this. It is clear, after listening to Obama administration folks on TV today, that the control of GM is just the beginning and that this is but a warning shot. Obama’s folks feel flush with power over anyone that took bailout money, loan or not, and are not afraid to assert that power to reshape not just banking but corporate America as well.

Right now fear grips folks in banking and finance as well as on the street. Finance is frozen. You know, those people who you are asking for a loan, or invest your money for that new house, car or college. People in power in the industry most assuredly are not sure what moves to make on the chance that the government will either step in to void that deal in the name of “public good”. And while that fear freezes the financial system, my guess is its seeping into other industries as well, although I have no evidence that is the case.

The ends do not justify the means, so while some may be convinced that government asserting its will on business is the only way to cure a wounded system, Newt is right, in the end it will end the system itself.

Update 2: I apologize. I originally classified this under economics when in fact we are talking politics. My guess is it could be on either side, but I think it rightfully belongs here. Jim

Newt … Tea Party The Real Deal, Republicans will take back the House in 2010

From his lips to God’s ears. Well only if they aren’t weak kneed, pork laden, spend thrift Republicans. The tipping point for most Americans, he says, is not just the massive budget, but the massive control the White House is contemplating over the free market system. As in banks, insurance companies, finance companies … and oh yes, General Motors.


Which is why he thinks the tea party movement is here to stay.


I need to make this clear. Newt is not taking credit for the tea party movement. He is saying American Solutions supports it. I thought the same thing too, until I listened closely a second time. Listen carefully.

12 American solutions for jobs and prosperity

Former House speaker Newt Gingrich, general chairman of American Solutions has released a formula for real hope and change, 12 American Solutions for Jobs and Prosperity.

American Solutions is one of those small 527 organizations that does a very good job taking the lead in political education. They reach out to everyone, and claim to be a non-partisan group that strives to find and promote effective solutions.

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of Newt for a couple of reasons – especially his environmental statements and partners – but many of these ideas are worth passing along. These solutions are based on conservative principles to an extent, are well thought out, and well presented.

You do not see this type of effort from the liberal left.

Tied in with the American Tea Party events planned for this Friday (Feb. 27), Newt is asking you to print out the 12 solutions from American Solutions and pass them around.

Honestly, I’m happy that there are no outright crazy environmental spending solutions in this package. Here is Newt’s introduction video and the full list of 12.


  1. Payroll Tax Stimulus.  With a temporary new tax credit to offset 50% of the payroll tax, every small business would have more money, and all Americans would take home more of what they earn.
  2. Real Middle-Income Tax Relief. Reduce the marginal tax rate of 25% down to 15%, in effect establishing a flat-rate tax of 15% for close to 9 out of 10 American workers.
  3. Reduce the Business Tax Rate.  Match Ireland’s rate of 12.5% to keep more jobs in America.
  4. Homeowner’s Assistance. Provide tax credit incentives to responsible home buyers so they can keep their homes.
  5. Control Spending So We Can Move to a Balanced Budget.  This begins with eliminating Congressional earmarks and wasteful pork-barrel spending.
  6. No State Aid Without Protection From Fraud.  Require state governments to adopt anti-fraud and anti-theft policies before giving them more money.
  7. More American Energy Now. Explore for more American oil and gas and invest in affordable energy for the future, including clean coal, ethanol, nuclear power and renewable fuels.
  8. Abolish Taxes on Capital Gains. Match China, Singapore and many other competitors. More investment in America means more jobs in America.
  9. Protect the Rights of American Workers. We must protect a worker’s right to decide by secret ballot whether to join a union, and the worker’s right to freely negotiate. Forced unionism will kill jobs in America at a time when we can’t afford to lose them.
  10. Replace Sarbanes-Oxley.  This failed law is crippling entrepreneurial startups.  Replace it with affordable rules that help create jobs, not destroy them.
  11. Abolish the Death Tax. Americans should work for their families, not for Washington.
  12. Invest in Energy and Transportation Infrastructure. This includes a new, expanded electric power grid and a 21st century air traffic control system that will reduce delays in air travel and save passengers, employees and airlines billions of dollars per year.

More Information

The Conservative Revolution has tips on how to organize your own Tea Party protest, and if you know of any local events, send us an e-mail via our Contact form and we’ll post them on this page.

PajamasTV has a listing of events.

Robert Reich vs Newt Gingrich Smackdown

Yes and so much more. Allow me to set it all up.And its all about this week’s “Democrat Talking Point”

Reich begins to push the Democrat talking point of the day (more on that in a bit). He claims Republicans don’t want to be a part of the bill because when the economy doesn’t get better they will campaign on the issue. Gingrich will have none of that, and says Democrats have blocked Republicans every step of the way, they are trying to save the Dems from themselves


which sets up bite #2 and the Democrat talking point of the day. That is “Republicans refuse to be a part of the bill so they can campaign in 2010 against it. Here’s Senator Kent Conrad.


Which begs the question … if this is such a sure fired spectacular stimulus plan, and recessions generally run just 18 months … why are the Democrats so sure the economy won’t get better. Why does it seem the Republicans have more faith in their plan than the Democrats in theirs? The answer is easy. Listen up my liberal readers … WE HAVE FAITH IN THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO SPEND THEIR MONEY BETTER THAN BARNEY FRANK CAN. We in fact really do believe in America.