Gang member shoots two people – gets 15 months in prison

Want to know what’s wrong with gun laws in New York? Just check out what this liberal judge did during the sentencing phase for a gang member who shot up a neighborhood … he blamed society.

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New York sheriffs not enforcing SAFE Act gun control legislation

As usual, it is the local population that must stand up and fight tyranny at the state and federal level. Sheriffs in New York state are not hiding the fact they will not be enforcing state law restricting firearm magazine capacity to seven rounds.

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New York tax credit may lure ‘The Tonight Show’ back to city

New York’s liberal governor, Andrew Cuomo (D) has tucked in a budget provision that would make tax credits available to a live-audience TV talk show that pretty much mirrors what NBC’s “The Tonight Show” would look like if it moved back to New York City.

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New York: Penalties for large capacity magazines redux

Since my original post on the subject was long, corrected and updated multiple times – confusing even me – I needed to write a shorter post to clarify. I made a solid effort to update the orignal, but here’s the needed follow up.

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New York: Penalty for 11 rounds in a magazine as severe as sexual conduct against a child (Update)

Common sense gun legislation. Having eight rounds in a 10 round magazine, or having magazines with more than a 10 round capacity in New York will be is defined as criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree; a “Class D Violent Felony.” Wondering what some class E felonies in New York are?

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New York State gun confiscation written into law (Update)

Of course, these bastards keep saying “we won’t take your guns away.” They pride themselves on that statement. But instead of physically taking them from you, they just write a law that makes law-abiding citizens who owned firearms into criminals if they don’t get rid of them.

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We Will Control the Horizontal

I have read the United States Constitution on more than one occasion.  I have read it just to read it.
I have read it looking for specific information, and no where on that document does it say
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Hurricane Irene: it looks like New England’s on the bad side of the storm

Here’s a video and a map provided by Fox News and meteorologist Rick Reichman. It shows the storm track going right through New York City but it also puts Connecticut on the wrong side of the storm, meaning the highest winds. If you watch no other video this morning please watch this. Read more

Last one out turns off the lights…

… on the Empire State?

Apparently, people don’t love New York, which is entering its second decade of shrinking population.

The population loss is “the ultimate barometer of New York’s attractiveness as a place to work, live and do business,” the report’s co-author, E.J. McMahon, said. “It’s the ultimate indication that we’ve been doing things wrong.”

Most analysts blamed New York’s high taxes and skyrocketing cost of living for the mass exodus.

The Tax Foundation ranked New York highest in the nation in the combined state and local tax burden in 2008. And as small-business lobbyist Mike Durant noted, New York has also “consistently ranked worst or in the top three worst in business climate. You can’t suck every penny out of people and expect them to remain in New York.”

Since 1960, New York has lost 7.3 million residents to other states — a net loss of 2.5 million people after adding in an influx of 4.8 million new immigrants, the study found.

High taxes are, apparently, a goad to drive people away…  Someone please tell Governor Malloy?

New York: “Up to our eyeballs with corruption”

Two Democrats – a state assemblyman and a senator – have allegedly hoarded at least $1 million in bribes from a variety of constituents and lobbyists over the last five years including taking cash to block a Walmart superstore from being built in Brooklyn.

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