Airline employee smuggles 153 guns through Atlanta to New York

Those arrested moved up to 20 or more guns at a time via Delta flights in the passenger cabin. There are a couple questions you should think about when reading this story. First, why are guns being smuggled to New York? (Hint, it has absolutely nothing to do with restrictive gun laws in New York.) Second, where are the holes in airline security?

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For those of you who keep saying “they are not going to take your guns away”

They will. I’ve had conversations with people who said this to me. “Look, stop hyping this all up. They are not confiscating guns, they just want to limit the selection … you know… you don’t need a 100 round magazine drum.” Yeah, OK.

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New York City will embrace the “heavy hand of government”

A statement like that is not optional. You can’t not accept it. You have to capitulate and embrace it when the new mayor of New York City claims he is not a free marketeer, rather he believes in the heavy hand of government. I’m not making this up.

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“Mentally troubled” man stabs and kills 4 kids and their mom in New York

Second Amendment advocates will be tempted to start the “we should ban knives” mantra, but that’s not helpful. This is an opportunity for local and national leadership in this country to open a fresh dialogue about the stigma of mental illness, and how just about everyone sweeps this discussion under the rug.

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NYC legislation does not forbid cops from transmitting description of subjects

In the real world, people actually take a few minutes to review proposed legislation instead of blindly accepting the opinion of someone else – and broadcasting that third-party description on your TV program. I guess Bill O’Reilly does not live in the real world.

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Nine bystanders injured by NYPD during shooting – Mayor & police commissioner reaction

As I’m certain you’ve heard, two are dead, multiple people were injured and some shot after a disgruntled former employee killed a co-worker in New York City and walked away. Two police officers were notified and followed. The man drew his weapon, turned it towards the two officers and they responded with 14 rounds, some of which hit the target and killed him.

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If New York City stop, question & frisk policy is appropriate…

I know there are technical differences between New York’s stop, question and frisk policy and Arizona’s SB 1070, but are you wondering why the Obama administration’s Justice Department is actually suing Arizona, and not saying a word about the NYPD policy?

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Bloomberg: Donated food not good enough in New York City

You see, the government is the only group that is qualified enough to cook and provide food at facilities service New York Cities homeless.

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More EPA madness

Remember earlier this year when the President directed that all administrative agencies review their rules so as to strike an appropriate balance between the need for the regulation and the economic impact of the regulation?  It should come as no surprise that the EPA either didn’t get the memo, or assumed that the President’s directive did not apply to it. Read more

New York: Four dead, four wounded by knife-wielding attacker

Another tragedy for the victims of a violent act. Maksim Gelman allegedly used a knife to first kill his stepfather, then drove to an ex-girlfriends house where he killed her mother and the ex-girlfriend. He went on to kill two more and wound at least four others. I realize it’s a cliché now, but why isn’t Mayor Bloomberg calling for more restrictions on the sale of knives?

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