Hurricane Irene: it looks like New England’s on the bad side of the storm

Here’s a video and a map provided by Fox News and meteorologist Rick Reichman. It shows the storm track going right through New York City but it also puts Connecticut on the wrong side of the storm, meaning the highest winds. If you watch no other video this morning please watch this. Read more

It’s not your money … and apparently not your land either.

Did you know the federal government owns one out of every three acres of land in the United States. And each day we discover that it’s not enough. Utah Congressman Rob Bishop was first to uncover this last March when he exposed a Department of Interior memo that indicates the Government plans to grab another 13 million acres in Utah … and many more in, you guessed it, New England. Read more

Happy Independence Day – Open Thread

I am sorry this got up so late but I got in the middle of my own celebration and forgot to wish you all a Happy Independence Day. it’s special here in New England, the birthplace of the fight for that independence. Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and yes Connecticut all played key roles in the fight that was to last years. Read more