New Deal v2.0 programs, taxes and fees cropping up everywhere

I recently wrote about Obama’s New Deal v2.0 that provides the green light for other cities and states to go ahead and start taxing at will. New York is just going nuts, and more is to come.

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The growing government hand – looking back

M. Jay Wells at American Thinker has put together a time line wrapping together – year by year – how the mortgage crisis happened. It’s a long post, but worth your time this Sunday morning.

The piece outlines choices made by our elected leaders – and influence by organizations like ACORN – going back to FDR’s New Deal in the 1930s. That’s right, it all started 75 years ago.

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Follow the money – graft is everywhere

It’s not just Democrats. It’s not just Republicans. It’s politicians from all over the country – elected to serve small towns, big cities and the United States – who have bought into the FDR New Deal philosophy of government hook, line and sinker. That era defines the beginning of government involvement in almost every aspect of our lives. It is the root cause of the financial situation we are in now.

When government gets into everything, power players get to play games with graft, political corruption, quid pro quo. You get to hand out cash for favors. Unfortunately the cash comes directly from government budgets. Since even small town budgets are so huge these days, you can easily hide $85 grand or so.

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