Why Obama doesn’t need Congress

With Obama’s recent “compromise” on not raising taxes for anyone, much has been said about the possibility that Obama, like Clinton before him, is moving to the center. He isn’t, he doesn’t have to, and he doesn’t need Congress to accomplish his agenda. Read more

Net neutrality … have no fear, the Government is in control

I spent the better part of the show on this and for good reason. It’s a bad idea. It gives extraordinary powers over the internet to the FCC to solve a problem that exists only in their minds. Worse … as John Fund pointed out in the WSJ  … this is likely just the beginning on control on the greatest gift to freedom of speech since the US Constitution. Read more

Review on Net Neutrality – a problem that does not exist?

So you’ve probably heard of Net Neutrality and had no idea what the heck was it all about. Want to know why it’s a fringe subject concerning some big Internet problem? It’s because it’s not really a problem at all.

Read more