White House using NEA funding to promote Obama policies

As an update to yesterday’s post, here is the link to the Big Hollywood expose by Patrick Courrielche on the National Endowment for the Arts using federal funds to promote Obama administration policies and projects. Is this a blockbuster? You make the call…

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Last week, we had a few videos dropped concerning the – let’s call them interesting – ACORN employee activities. Speculation is starting this Sunday afternoon about possible revelations from Andrew Breitbart concerning the National Endowment for the Arts, or Buffy Wicks, or the SEUI, or maybe something else this week.

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Department of Education school choice study supressed

Charter schools are working, vouchers are working, but teacher unions and the National Education Association helped President Obama get into the Executive Branch, so funding for programs that work is being diverted to programs – public schools – that don’t work.

Hat top to Malkin for reminding me about this Wall Street Journal piece from Sunday that I got through but never commented on.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan did a public service last week when he visited New York City and spoke up for charter schools and mayoral control of education. That was the reformer talking. The status quo Mr. Duncan was on display last month when he let Congress kill a District of Columbia voucher program even as he was sitting on evidence of its success.

What it comes down to is that federal money is being spent by local cities and towns as they see fit, to promote what works in their education system. I don’t think that one federal dime should be used for education, but when you take federal dollars, that cash usually comes with strings attached or they could take the funding away in the future with little or no warning.

Programs that are working in Washington D.C. are being cut off in favor of sending cash to public schools. I wrote about the subject and Duncan’s differing point of view here and here. More about the District’s program…

It’s bad enough that Democrats are killing a program that parents love and is closing the achievement gap between poor minorities and whites. But as scandalous is that the Education Department almost certainly knew the results of this evaluation for months.

Voucher recipients were tested last spring. The scores were analyzed in the late summer and early fall, and in November preliminary results were presented to a team of advisers who work with the Education Department to produce the annual evaluation. Since Education officials are intimately involved in this process, they had to know what was in this evaluation even as Democrats passed (and Mr. Obama signed) language that ends the program after next year.

And from the beginning of the article, we have the New York information…

In New York City with its 1.1 million students, mayoral control has resulted in better test scores and graduation rates, while expanding charter schools, which means more and better education choices for low-income families. But mayoral control expires in June unless state lawmakers renew it, and the United Federation of Teachers is working with Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver to weaken or kill it.

Obama School Voucher – Video Update

Steve has already posted twice on this issue. So this is really a companion piece to “Obama’s Flip Flopping Statements”.

But lest you think only conservatives are outraged by the Obama administrations flip flopping stance on a very successful program in the DC schools … no less than liberal pundit Juan Williams has urged the reinstatement of the voucher money. Even better … Juan knows the only thing blocking these kids from a good education and it’s definitely not money as Steve points out here.


Video Note: Unfortunately there is some dropped audio in this video, I apologize.