Candy Crowley asks … couldn’t these terrorists just as easily come from … Mayflower families?

I am still trying to get my arms around this one. The CNN anchor is interviewing Congressman Peter King, who soon become chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, about his intention to hold hearings on the extent of radicalization within the American Muslim community. It has set off a firestorm of political correctness in the lefty blogs … as demonstrated nicely by CNN anchor Candy Crowley. “There are just going to be a certain amount of unhappy people in this country and it has nothing to do with being Muslim.” Unreal. The post is long, but stay with me.

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Muslim prayers to kick off Hartford City Council meetings in September – Update

There are two questions to consider about this story. First off, have city council meetings always started with some sort of prayer or invocation, and second, will inviting local imams to perform invocations at the meetings create unity or make things worse?

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Tone Lōc watch out – Muslim youths not a fan of pop singer Medina

Alright, dig it. A Denmark pop singer held a free concert in a minority community outside of Copenhagen recently and had a few eggs tossed at her near the opening of the free show. Pop star Medina – real name Andrea Fuentealba Valbak – fought back with what seems to be a blistering retort on the mic, and the crowd seemed to agree with her.

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Muslim soldiers arrested – attempted to poison food supply

Oh, this can not be good at all. I caught a glimpse of the story on Fox News within the last couple of hours. If this is true, what are the implications for our American forces? If they are unable to trust their own…

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UK: Muslim driver stops bus, prays towards Mecca

Some sort of dispute between the driver and management? A Muslim bus driver elected to stop in the middle of his route for prayers in the aisle of the bus. His positioning during prayers kept passengers from exiting the bus, but nobody said a word.

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Muslim Public Charter School Exposed

This has certainly been a very quite story. What happens when kids pray together at a public school event? What happens when a valedictorian wants to mention God and her faith during a graduation ceremony? What happens when a teacher wears a cross in the classroom?

We’ve all read about the results; students are barred from praying, valedictorians are forbidden from attending graduation and teachers are fired. It’s all about this mythical wall between church and state, but if you visit Inver Grove Heights in Minnesota, you’ll have the opportunity to send your kids to a Muslim charter school through the 8th grade. Read more