MSNBC contributor: You’re racists, Romney is using “code words” and we fear the scary black man

I just have no idea what to say here, other than WTF? Touré, who is a self-described TV host, novelist, journalist and cultural critic threw down the race card again, and normally I’d just chalk it up to a socialist racist being a socialist racists – that’s right Touré, I’m calling you a racist – but this time this fool outright said GOP candidate Mitt Romney’s recent comments represents the “niggerization” of the campaign.

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MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell with a Superiority Complex? Update: No apology

Andrea Mitchell was certainly the talk of the town today.  With her edited comments that she played on her MSNBC show with regards to Romney and the Wawa sandwich making machine.  It just seemed like one big joke to her. Today she attempted to put it all in context with an extended clip BUT, no apology. In fact as you will see, she looks positively pained. Read more

Oh my: Al Sharpton on MSNBC could provide comedy relief for years to come

I can’t tell if the teleprompter got scrambled or if Al Sharpton’s brain is just scrambled. I think his show went live a couple of days ago, and already, there is an opportunity for profitable cottage industry to be developed. Read more

The Week in Stupid: Cable Pundits on the Giffords Shooting.

Thanks to Instapundit for pointing out this great piece of video from Reason TV. Grab the popcorn my little “mobstas” and settle around the computer screen for a permanent record of the non stop stupidity of the lefty pundits. Read more

MSNBC commercial for State of the Union skips GOP presidents

Not too surprising, but these are the kind of not-so-subliminal messages people tend to notice. For those of you Faux News haters, got any examples you’d like to share? Read more

For those of you drinking the MSNBC Kool-Aid…

There are political commentators on all “news” networks. If you can not figure out the difference between a commentator like Sean Hannity and an anchor like Bret Baier, I’m not going to be able to help you. But MSNBC staff like Rachel Maddow coming out definitively saying Fox News is “Faux News” is pathetic and insane.

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Olbermann suspended from MSNBC after violating network’s policies and standards

Short and sweet. After contributing the maximum allowed ($2,400) to Jack Conway(D), and to Arizona Reps. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.) and Gabrielle Giffords(D-Ariz.), Keith Olbermann – aka Bathtub Boy – has been suspended indefinitely from MSNBC for violating company rules.

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MSNBC reacts to Obama speech: “It was a great speech if you were on another planet for the last 57 days.”

I must say I am surprised. Surprised because the analysis was amazingly accurate and expressed my sentiments almost exactly. Surprised because it was MSNBC. Surprised because I expected them to cover as usual. Well actually one MSNBC host did … but that happened this morning. Two videos for your perusal. Read more

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski thinks Rep. Etheridge was harassed – Video

Here’s the video clip from MSNBC’s Morning Joe where co-host Mika Brzezinksi thinks the gentlemen was harassed by a pesky little critter.

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