Your tax dollars at work…helping to pay for the mosque at Ground Zero

I heard on the news tonight that the developers of the mosque at Ground Zero have applied for a grant from the federal government.  They are asking for $5 million (of your money) to provide for “social services”.  Of course, whatever those “social services” may happen to be, in reality, you will be helping to build the mosque. Read more

Florida’s Grayson: It’s Bush’s fault UPDATE: Video

After keeping a fairly low profile for a few months, Congressman Alan Grayson (D. Fl.) is at it again. Remember Grayson? If you are lucky, you don’t, but, let me ruin your day and remind you. Read more

The 9-11 Families Remember UPDATE: Mischief In Manhattan

I will not and cannot add anything to this video. Please … never forget. This is why these 9-11 families do not want the mosque built. Building bridges begins with being sensitive to these families. Read more

The Wizards of Smart speak out: Obama showed courage on Ground Zero Mosque

Not only courage in defending the mosque …or was it not defending. Oh well, still he showed courage in defending … private property? Read more

Senator Jack Reed on Ground Zero Mosque: For the first amendment before he’s agin’ it.

Democrats are having a real tough time finding their bearings on the Ground Zero Mosque and I think it’s because they know how weak their stand for the mosque is. Not weak constitutionally (although in this case the Constitution disappears) … weak morally, and when your world revolves around moral relativism, your argument ends up with plenty of holes. Like this one. Read more