Has Obama lost his mojo?

Saw this last night and just about fell over. Matthews, Robinson and Fineman ponder how it is possible that The One can’t seem to get through to the American people as he did during the campaign. They wonder … could his speeches be too “me” focused, is he over exposed, or maybe … gasp … lost his mojo?  Or as Matthews puts it … his precious bodily fluids.

Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey, our guest this morning, nailed it with one word. It is a must read. Clueless!

Why is the media blitz not working for Obama?  It has nothing to do with “precious bodily fluids,” a rather creepy issue for Matthews to fixate on, and everything to do with credibility.


Then again, maybe he didn’t lose it … maybe it was stolen by sometime someone in the Defense Department. Boowahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.