The Tea Party: the assault continues

In a strange way it’s kind of a backhanded compliment. The tea party has been poked, prodded, investigated like some kind of lab experiment. We’ve been defined degraded and at least the left is attempted to discard us, but it’s hard to discard the will of the majority of the American people and that’s why no matter what the left is done our mission continues. Read more

Hey, these guys have never even sold a pair of shoes

It’s a sad day when a sports writer and a lefty to boot, gets it, and the White House can’t see it at all. Read more

Maybe you people are just … ummm … racists?

When the media sees the popularity of their Messiah sinking like a rock … well it can’t be his policies are bad, or a lack of leadership on his key issues, an inability to effectively communicate with Americans … no … it must be because we are racists. Just ask Chuck Todd and Mike Barnicle. Unbelievable.


Thank You Mr Bush

Not often you hear this, but my guess is Israeli President Shimon Peres would know better than most … and clearly not the answer MSNBC’s Mike Barnacle, on this morning’s Morning Joe, was looking for. Read more