Michelle Malkin to Juan Williams: We’re sick of your snotty condescension! Video

OK, Juan started this fight and Michelle ran with it as iI knew she would the minute Juan teed it up. Make sure you watch it all the way through. I can’t say if there will be long lasting hard feelings on Michelle’s part, but i can say there will be on mine. Read more

Michelle Malkin endorses Rick Santorum – Don’t be afraid of the conservative

This morning, Michelle Malkin published a well-thought post providing the conservative perspective as it applies to the four remaining GOP candidates for president. She will support former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) for president.

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Malkin on the Florida CNN debate last night

She’s got the appropriate Fly them to the Moon theme going on, and mentions again the possibility of a brokered convention.

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Malkin: “Blame righty, a condensed history”

Michelle Malkin’s syndicated column today details just a few of the high-profile stories from 2009 and 2010 where conservative talk, Fox News and TEA Party members were immediately blamed in the hours after violence occurred.

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Malkin chronicles the progressive “climate of hate”

Holy smokes. That is all, just click the link. Have we seen any liberal or progressive pundits actually provide specific examples of conservative hate or vitriol speech? Or is calling Rush Limbaugh a racist, homophobic hate monger good enough?

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It’s not your money … and apparently not your land either.

Did you know the federal government owns one out of every three acres of land in the United States. And each day we discover that it’s not enough. Utah Congressman Rob Bishop was first to uncover this last March when he exposed a Department of Interior memo that indicates the Government plans to grab another 13 million acres in Utah … and many more in, you guessed it, New England. Read more

Culture of Corruption

Here’s a link to Michelle Malkin’s new paperback edition of her NY Times best selling book “Culture of Corruption”. Read more

Liz Cheney goes after the “GITMO 9”

We tackled this subject a week ago, with people like Andy McCarthy and Michelle Malkin among the few who have tried to apply pressure to Justice to release the names of the 7 (2 names have already been released) of the attorneys at Justice who previously had volunteered their services to al-Qaeda detainees. Now Liz Cheney’s group, Keep America Safe, has joined the battle with this ad.


Update (Steve): Fox News digs a bit and lists the Gitmo 9 … additional information and analysis here.

If you are unfamiliar with the GITMO 9, Former Chief Andy McCarthy hard a particular hard hitting post at the corner, raising the possibility that there might be more than 9.

I suspect the number of conflicted lawyers is actually higher than nine since Holder’s disclosure pointed only to DOJ lawyers who worked on detainee cases — rather than including lawyers, like Holder himself, whose firms represented terrorists even if they were not directly involved in those cases. Some lawyers in the latter category, like Holder, were in very senior positions at their firms and could have stopped or sharply limited decisions to volunteer services to the detainees; some probably were not. Holder’s personal leanings are obvious from his 2008 speech, in which he accused the United States of torture, denying habeas corpus to hundreds of enemy combatants, and being a serial violator of international law and the Constitution — but according to him,I am the polemicist.

Even though Andy addressed this last week on the show, you should read the whole thing. It’s stunning.

Plus, for more background, Michelle is a leader on this issue. Check here to watch The KSM Confession. And read here on the stonewalling. And then read here for how the GITMO 9 were finally uncovered. And remember … it’s been Andy, Michelle, and a few other blogs and our radio show that have trying to bring this into the sunshine.

Malkin sells Hot Air blog to Salem Communications

I figured something may have been up when Ed and AP were off at the first “company meeting” a few weeks ago, and AP dropped a hint last night. I asked Ed Morrissey about it last night, and he said “Something is coming – all good, tho”.

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Terrorist judicial theater – civilian court antics on display

Michelle Malkin has a good column out this morning revealing what is happening right now in the civilian trial of Aafia Siddiqui, accused of attempted murder and assault of U.S. military personnel in Pakistan. Yes, she was caught in Afghanistan and brought back to America to face trial.

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